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Avatar - Animated Film Review

Updated on December 10, 2013


Avatar was created by James Cameron which was apparently started in 1994 and even though it was meant to have been started after Titanic released in 1997 but Cameron had wisely decided that the technology of the time was not yet available to produce this film in the quality he could see it in.

With the extensive developments in technology and animation production over the years the production was started up again in 2005 and used the latest motion capture and ground breaking visual effects to create a film which is still counted as the highest grossing film to date.

The Film

When this film was first released I wasn't keen. Even though people were raving about it to me it was nothing special but after watching it for the first time I have to admit I actually really enjoy this film. I still think there is nothing special about it as it is a typical story set up but there is something nice and pleasant about it.

One of the points I like is the fact that they were not frightened of using a character that had a disability because characters like these can be left out or forgotten. Many story writers think that they are not 'capable' of for filling the roles because they can't do what an able body can. But its totally untrue! Having a form of disability means nothing, they are all perfectly capable people for filling some of the biggest roles imaginable and can create some of the most powerful films.

I find it brilliant that in this film incorporates that with their main character Jake Sully. Jake is paraplegic who was a marine and after an accident lost the use of his legs. Jake has been suffering from depression since his accident and I love watching as he gains confidence and comes out of his depression as he gains a whole knew insight into the life of the Na'vi who live on the planet that he explorers through their teachings and he starts to realise that there is so much more to life and what this planet actually means and stands for.


The characters in this film make it for me. There is so many different personalities and profiles but you watch as the team that starts out shifts and changes and drifts away from the rest of the humans groups. This little team evolve and start to understand more about what the Na'vi can teach them in way they never saw before. But also how the original human group detests this new way of working and decides its about time force was used rather than reason.

As I say there is nothing special about the story but it's the characters for me that I watch it for. Unlike many films these days there is lots of strong female roles. They are on both the human and the Na'vi sides and in a way powers the film along. The female roles seem to guide the main character and he certainly gets an earful when he does something wrong. They may guide him but this doesn't make these woman characters weak and you can't under estimate them as they are all fighters and warriors.

My only downside to the characters is that the main leading characters you learn a lot about like Jake and Neytiri but there are so many others. I wanted to learn more about the scientists, technicians, the pilots or the other soldiers as many had been on that planet a long time or had been studying for a long time. It was such a shame that really we only got a brief introduction to them and not a lot more. Or learn a little more of the backgrounds of characters just give them a bit more depth in places.


The story is pretty strong and all the little details have been thought out compared to many. I love the story of life and the mother nature theme and how the Na'vi really appreciate and care for this life that is in their world.

There is some beautiful backgrounds and there is some interesting props and technology used. Everything has been thought out extremely well and I love re-watching the film and looking at the background and tech in more details as there is so many things I see each times.

The music is dramatic and fits the film well overall.

The other point I like about this film is that there seems to be a underlining moral running through it as well. Well there is more than one moral here. The first for me is the fact that there was no particular right answer to this film. The humans were desperate for resources for them to survive but the Na'vi were not willing to share it because they are protective of their world and of their mother nature but by the end both sides loose everything the moral is if they had co-operated then both sides would have been happy. The other is that you have to respect and look after your world and resources. It marks in the film that the humans have used their resources and now trying to get them from somewhere else. The Na'vi respect and protect their world and even though don't use the resources that the humans have everything they use they are thankful for and try to give something back to the world for using it. Its nice to see two sides to this. Also the main one is that just because these people are different doesn't mean you can't get along. There is so many messages in the film at one time it's interesting that not one point doesn't conflict with another or leave a viewer confused.

As I say I do really enjoy this film but mostly for the characters but I do like the tech and the themes also.

My rating: 7 out of 10.

Avatar and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

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