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Avatar Movie Needs a Mega Audience

Updated on December 11, 2009

James Cameron is on the line

 The movie, Avatar, opened in parts of Europe today and in the US on Dec 18. There is a cautious approach to this release and for good reason: Money invested.

Avatar, is James Cameron's latest epic (others were Titanic, Abyss) three years in the making and combines real actors and animation in a 3-D sci-fi. The plot is about a paraplegic soldier who leaves earth for the magical planet of Pandora. Visually, it is stunning, breaks new ground etc., etc.

Also stunning are its costs: $300 million to make and another $150 million to market. In other words, nearly half of one billion dollars!! I have a hard time even fathoming that.  Fox financed 60% of the movie. Market research shows the public is mixed about it regarding interest. I know many not into that stuff. Ticket sales will have to be HUGE just to break even. The movie has got to be a mega blockbuster. In comparison, the movie, I am legend with Will Smith, grossed $250 million in its US market. Polls indicate that women under 25 yrs. are not that keen to see it, unlike the males in the same age group. The movie, Iron man, ended up grossing $300 million. The more recent, 2012 movie grossed $150 million in the US market and $400 internationally. Fox is hoping the reviews will be positive and entice the older audiences (45 yrs+) to embrace the movie for its success.

Oddly, Cameron, himself is one of the middle tier baby boomers born from 1952-58, exposed to some of the great sci-fi movies and events. His making of Avatar is targeted for the 30yrs and under, but is praying that his "peers" will all want to see it.

This should not be that difficult, these baby boomers embraced Star Trek, still going strong, 2001 Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes, and many more classics of this genre. If they don't, Fox will be "out to lunch" on this adventure!


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