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Avatar-Oscar for "Great Idea"

Updated on April 9, 2010

Most of the people have watched James Cameron's movie “Avatar”. And the others know what the movie talks about. That is why I am not going to talk about the movie’s screenplay or soldier Jake Sully. The movie makes lot of references to other movies. These are "Dancing with Wolves”, “Star Wars”, “The Island” (Russian sci-fiction saga) and many others. There are really incredible special effects especially on Imax 3d. Impressive monsters and nature of Pandora is real flight of imagination as the mountains, waterfalls, and jungle foliage with strange fluff. The fluff is the most amazing thing for me.

The scenario is a classic - good versus evil. James Cameron makes a small indication of corruption for power and money. But something in the movie is missing, something that should be highlighted. Can you guess what? I will give you a hint. It is related with the nature. Yes, do you remember how the characters in the movie make a link with the animals - through the hair-tail? Can we do the same? Maybe with Avatar game. Perhaps we can, but our relationship with nature is atrophied. Of course I speak metaphorically. But in reality nature is capable to create many miracles. I my opinion this is the message of the movie. When people of Pandora united with the Nature, they heal the hero soldier. The focus of the movie is obvious - back to the Nature. I do not understand this relation as a full giving up from the world of technology and Internet. I think we just have to reconnect with the Nature.

The movie won Oscar for effects. Of course Avatar deserves them. I recommend another Oscar to James Cameron's “Avatar” - for the “Great idea”. When peoples of Pandora united with the Nature and their ancestors, they changed their own lives. The plot of the movie contains nothing new. The little reference about the universal sense under the big impression makes it different - different from all other movies till now.

James Cameron develops ideas from “Star Wars” and “Lost Symbol”, book of Dan Brown and makes these ideas available to us. In the mind we are united with the Universe and this is a big power. Imagine if a positive idea is supported by many people’s minds. What will happens than? This experience is described by Dan Brown in “Lost Symbol “ Noetic science explores this phenomenon. This science was founded by Edgar Mitchell astronaut. Wikipedia says : It refers to "inner knowing," a kind of intuitive consciousness—direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses and the power of reason. The name of the organization comes from the Greek word noetikos which means "internal, intuitive knowledge”. According to it we can change the Universe. With his movie James Cameron for the first time shows us how to do this. That is why I award him with an Oscar for “Great idea”. 

Photo is used by Creative Commons of xploitme.


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