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Avengers: Age of Ultron - My Personal Problem with the Movie

Updated on May 5, 2015

Great Story from the 90s

This is NOT a Review

So I took my children to see Avengers: Age of Ultron last night and it was as good as its reviews (which are all positive by the way). I fully enjoyed the movie and so did my kids. As a true comic book nerd, I actually know the backstory to all of this which many people in the theatre don’t really get yet. All of these Phase 1 movies are building the pre-story to the Infinity Gauntelet storyline, first created in the early 90’s. I know since I worked in a comic book store. I helped sell all of the related crossover books and I think I've even met the artist on this book once or twice. When watching all of the other Phase 1 movies, try to keep in mind that the stones you are seeing are all related to this singular event.

No Spoilers Here

I’m not going to throw around lots of spoilers here. There are many articles on the web about the storyline, where it goes, all the Easter Eggs, and they are all fun to read. I wanted to discuss my one lone issue with this movie and it is a personal one, not one you will necessarily understand. There is a point in the story where the Avengers lose control of the Hulk. Iron Man is forced to fight him and they tear apart the city they are fighting in. No big deal as this is common stuff for these types of movies. But there is one scene where Iron Man and the Hulk smash through a building from the top floor down to the ground and the scene brought it all back to me.

Ground Zero on 9/11.

Unbelievably Scary

My Issues

You see, I was there. When the first building started to pancake down on itself, I was standing 2 blocks away. What scared the hell out of me, and the hundreds of people near me, was the ash cloud coming for us. We didn’t know what was in it, how hot it was, or anything else for that matter. The images of that and the ensuing destruction on the ground and the ashes covering the people are the lasting images in my head from that terrible day since I ran through the cloud myself. It still chills me to see it on television and for a split second, it chilled me during this movie. Iron Man and the Hulk hit the ground and the ash cloud billows out at the scared people running by and it reminds me of that day and all the people that got covered in "stuff" from the building collapse.

It is now many years later and there have been many studies about the workers who cleaned up Ground Zero. Many have illnesses or have died and the thought is that it wasn't safe at all to be breathing in the remnants of the building.

When Iron Man and the Hulk fall through this building, it essentially pancakes down on itself and blows out a huge cloud of ash which covers the people caught in it. As I sat in my seat watching the movie, I had a quick flashback to that ash cloud billowing out and found myself momentarily very disturbed. It passed quickly as that scene isn't very long but I have to admit, they caught the effect in as real-life as they could.

I just can't believe I still get jittery at that sight 14 years later.

Looking Up - Scared

Imagine watching this view - the building is pancaking down and the cloud is too....
Imagine watching this view - the building is pancaking down and the cloud is too....

Shouldn't Be Surprised I Guess

Honestly, I shouldn't have been surprised. I still get a little weepy when I see images of the Twin Towers, sometimes in older movies. I watch reruns of Friends where you can see the Twin Towers all the time and it still gets me. I even bought an expensive painting by Alexander Chen, signed by the artist, of Hudson Bay with the Twin Towers and the entirety of downtown Manhattan in it. Its the only lasting memory of that day that I keep close at hand.

On a day-to-day basis I'm rather oblivious to these memories which is odd since I still work in downtown Manhattan in the shadow of the new Freedom Tower.


If you were itching to go see this movie,



It really is a good movie and you will enjoy the interplay and character development they achieved in this one. I saw this as early as possible so nobody could ruin it for me in the next week (since that seems to happen to me frequently). And stay after the credits, there is one final scene!


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