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Avengers 2012 Movie Review

Updated on January 18, 2015

The Avengers Fight

The Avengers come together to fight a massive army of Loki's alien invaders.
The Avengers come together to fight a massive army of Loki's alien invaders. | Source


In a brilliant move of theater and business, Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Joss Whedon accumulated into one movie, the sequels of several others. Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America all preceded this movie: The Avengers.

With a budget of $220,000,000 you can expect an amazing science fiction ride with magnificent special effects and dazzling explosions. The movie is filled with flying vehicles of every type, both fictional and modern. The creatures and elements of science fiction are all included, from worm holes to hovercraft and alien races.

The 3-D version shares the same opening date: May 4, 2012.

The total box office take for The Avengers broke all records for opening weekend. The total ticket sales reached $207,438,708.

One of the Best Movies, Ever

Saw the movie opening day, at 11:30. The theater was almost half full. My wife and I enjoy catching the Friday matinees. Typically, our local theater has fewer than 10 people for a movie showing before 5, even on Friday. But, people showed up early to see the Avengers.

And, the people were not disappointed. Most of them even cheered at the end.

The story line continued to develop at an increasing rate all through the movie. The characters were full and well developed. Below, I want to discuss each of the characters' roles in the movie. Mostly, I am not going to reveal much of the plot; I hate to ruin movies for others.

14.81 Million Views before Opening Day


In my review of Thor, I wrote about how Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, was an uninteresting and boring character. Not so in this movie. Loki, from his first appearance, until his last scene was a full-on, dynamic character. I know that Thor, of the lead-up Marvel super hero films preceding The Avengers was the only one to make money, and many people enjoyed that movie and Hiddleston's acting as well. If you liked Loki in Thor, you will really enjoy him in this film.

From the entrance of Loki via the tessaract (from the Captain America movie), Hiddleston does an amazing job of portraying the angst of Loki. As the steam of a time-space portal (an Einstein-Rosen bridge, for you physicists) clears, the look on Loki's face says it all, his head is "a basket of cats" as Bruce Banner describes it.

Loki's best scene comes in a tense moment with the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). As the former Russian assassin attempts to make a bargain with Loki for the life of agent Barton, Loki reveals that he already learned all of the Black Widow's backstory, her bloody past as an assassin for whoever was paying. Loki names names and locations of people and places. Romanoff is stunned to hear the list of people she bloodied in her days before being flipped by agent Barton.

"Love is for children. I owe him a debt." Romanoff tells Loki when he asks her why she would betray an entire people for one man.

Dangerous, Self-possessed Loki heads up the enemy

Black Widow: The Name of the Rose
Black Widow: The Name of the Rose

Want more Black Widow? Need it? Here is a 1st edition Marvel paperback 144 pages. All Black Widow.


The Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff

Like Loki's grand entrance, Natasha's introduction to the audience is spectacular. She is dressed like a lady of the night (typical Russian lingerie: a little more Frederick's than Victoria's) and tied to a chair.

A man in a partially unbuttoned Russian military uniform asks Romanoff questions. He laughs, mocking her as the Black Widow, who has been so easily caught.

"You think you can walk in here, just some pretty face? Your outdated information betrayed you. You are an amateur!"

"Oh, really?" Romanoff asks. "You think I'm pretty?"

Before the Russian interrogator replies, a guard's cell phone rings. He answers the call, and stares at the officer. "It's for her," he says, glancing at Romanoff.

The voice on the other end of the phone says, "I have an F-22 eight miles out. He will destroy the entire city block before you can make it to the lobby if you don't put her on the phone."

The rest of the scene is a bit comical. The gymnastics of the black widow in her escape are an amazing scene.

The other big scene involving the Black Widow is her conversation with Loki. Black Widow bargains for the life of Hawkeye. Loki wants to know her motivation to be willing to betray everyone else for just one man. Loki asks, "Awww... Do you love him?" Natasha replies, "Love is for children. I owe him a debt." She is the classic traditional warrior.

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Captain America

Steve Rogers plays Captain America. The military background of Captain America, and his experience with special operations teams and military command makes him a natural leader. Loki opens a time-space, interdimensional tunnel using the tesseract. An army provided in exchange for the return of the tesseract (after victory on earth) enters earth atmosphere over Manhattan. When the battle begins, Captain America steps to the position of leader and gives direction to the Avengers.

Captain America also serves as a peacemaker between some of the other Avengers. In one he ends a savage battle between Iron Man and Thor.

Nick Fury had S.H.I.E.L.D. make a new uniform for Captain America, and he dons it on his first mission- to capture Loki and bring him home safely. Fury also ordered a new shield for Captain America, made of pure Vibranium. Even in a battle with Thor (a misunderstanding), Thor takes a running jump and hammers down on the shield- with no damage to the shield. The surrounding area, however, takes a dusting as a cloud expands outward from the bell-like ringing of the shield.

Iron Man

The Avengers movie is filled with excellent one-liners and jokes. Many of these one-liners belong to the intelligent, witty, Tony Stark played by Robert Downey, Jr. Stark, of course, is Iron Man.

Iron Man is one of the Avengers who faces Loki one-on-one. However, I am not going to reveal who, if anyone, is able to stop Loki or kill him.

As in Iron Man and in Iron Man II, Tony Stark's vast knowledge, clear thought, and ability to rapidly apply knowledge to any scenario plays an important role in turning the tide of a battle. He receives aid from Captain America, but nothing technical.

Pepper Potts (from Iron Man)


Pepper Potts (Virginia Potts)

Though she sometimes has larger roles in the comic series, Pepper Potts plays the assistant to the CEO of Stark Enterprises, Tony Stark. She has a fun verbal exchange with Tony. We learn in the dialogue that she and Tony are now a couple. Potts is also now involved in the business. Tony gives her "twelve percent" credit for the successful implementation of a new green energy project for Stark Tower.

The project successfully powered all of Stark Tower using renewable energy. The aliens later use this to their advantage (but I won't tell you how!)

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Thor recovers his hammer, Mjölnir, during a battle aboard the listing flying aircraft carrier of SHIELD.
Thor recovers his hammer, Mjölnir, during a battle aboard the listing flying aircraft carrier of SHIELD.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Thor and Loki grew up together in Asgard. When the Avengers assemble to assess the situation, some negative comments about Loki are spoken.

Thor says, "Be careful how you speak about an Asgardian. He is my brother and a member of the royal throne."

One of the ladies replies, "He killed 80 people."

To which Thor quips, "He is adopted."

That one liner received the best laugh in the theater when I saw Avengers. And, Hemsworth delivered the line very well.

Aside from this, Thor shows the class a person would expect from the heir to a throne. Another funny scene involves Thor and the Hulk, after a side-by-side fight versus the alien henchmen of Loki. To tell you would steal the scene... So, you will have to wait to see the movie to see what happens!

Loki as AntiChrist

I often write about the demonic elements of films. In this movie, there is an homage to the antichrist. Loki takes on characteristics of this man described in the Bible and particularly in the book of Revelation (formerly called the book of The Apacolypse).

In Revelation, the Antichrist. to whom Satan lends his power, is wounded and loses his right eye. In The Avengers, Hawkeye says, "I suppose it would make me feel better to put an arrow through his eye." And, Hawkeye does in fact attempt to do that (but fails).

In another scene, Tony Stark and Captain America hypothesize about Loki's next move and motivation. Stark says, "He is a full-on deva. He needs the full package: a parade, a statue, and admirers." In the Bible, the antichrist builds a statue to himself and requires that all men should worship the statue.

This representation of the antichrist is very common in movies. In the Transformers movie, The Fallen, the leader of the bad guy Decepticons has only one eye- the left eye. In the Bible, Satan falls from the sky. The name "Fallen" is a reference to Satan. Both The Avengers and The Fallen have an ancient power source as a key element of the plot. Captain America and Bruce Banner are brought onto the team to help locate the tesseract, a source of unlimited power, and one end of a worm hole. Fallen has been trapped, just as Satan is banished to Hell, inside the earth (the reason he lends his power to the Antichrist.)

In the children's movie, Legend of the Guardians, the Owls of Ga'hoole, the leader of the enemy also has only this one left eye. In the owls movie, the enemy is also able to "moonblink" some of the owls to do his bidding, just as Loki does in The Avengers. Both movies also feature a "worm hole". In the owl movie, it is called a "twister".

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