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Awesome Movies - Armour of God

Updated on March 12, 2017
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

In his long action career, this is the movie in which Jackie Chan came closest to dying. He survived and returned to make the biggest hit of his career.

Armour of God is a movie starring, written and directed by Jackie Chan and It was released in 1986. Along with him, there are other actors such as Alan Tam, Lola Forner, Rosamund Kwan and Bozidar Smiljanic. Like all Jackie Chan movies, it has his personal style of mixing action and comedy. Only this time, it is an action-adventure type of movie which is like a mix of Indiana Jones and all of his trademarks. Despite performing so many dangerous stunts throughout his life, this movie was where he came closest to dying and in it, there is a relatively simple sequence in which he jumps from a wall on to a tree where he was supposed to grab a branch, but the branch broke and he fell to the ground and his skull cracked. He survived the incident because he was quickly taken to a hospital and he had surgery that saved his life. That was the closest Jackie Chan had ever come to really dying.

The film is remembered for Jackie's fight at the end where he fights four enemies at the same time and for the final scene where he jumps from a mountain and lands on top of a hot air balloon. It is also remembered for its cool songs. After the life-threatening accident that he had while shooting this film, it was good for his fans to see him return in full form to the big screen and see it achieve a great deal of popularity. It was a big success and its popularity led to the creation of its sequel 'Armour of God II: Operation Condor' in 1991 which was good, but not as good as this movie. After 'Operation Condor' was released in the U.S., Miramax Films released the original movie after dubbing it into English. They renamed it as 'Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods', which was quite funny considering that the original was getting released after the sequel! Needless to say, with the dubbing or without it, with a new name or the same one, it didn't matter because people loved 'Armour of God'.

One more thing needs to be very clear here - under no circumstances should you buy the miramax version. It's a bad transfer with horrible dubbing. Aim for any Hong Kong or UK one that has english dubbing. That's the only way and the best way to watch this amazing film.

This movie also has a good soundtrack and it has some wonderful songs that are sung by Alan Tam, Jackie Chan, and they even sang one song together. Even the songs are very entertaining and enjoyable. Overall, with good songs, funny comedy and great action, this is easily a terrific movie. This movie is a complete entertainer and so even today, it remains one of the most popular, well loved, fun, enjoyable and best movies of Jackie Chan.


Midnight Rider! (you just have to listen to this)

Friend of Mine (a good song sung by Alan Tam and Jackie Chan)

A Jackie Chan collection.


Jackie is an adventurer, a treasure hunter and a soldier of fortune all in one, who will find or steal treasure from here and there so that he can then sell it to the highest bidder and make some money. He is called as the 'Asian Hawk'. The movie starts with an African tribe where Jackie steals a sword from them and then sells it at an auction where it is bought by May Bannon. Later, he meets up with his old friend Alan who needs his help. Some people had kidnapped Lorelai who is the girlfriend of Alan so that they could then get the help of Jackie Chan to find something for them. The people who kidnapped her are later revealed to be members of an evil religious cult who are looking for the Armour of God.

Jackie goes to meet Count Bannon, the father of May and asks him for the sword as it is 1 out of 5 pieces that make up the Armour of God. The evil cult has the other two with them. Count Bannon explains that it this is a legendary Armour with lots of people after it. Count Bannon has 3 pieces and then Jackie makes a deal with him, he will take the 3 pieces from the count and help Alan get his girlfriend back and then he will give all the 5 pieces back to the count. The count agrees saying that his only condition is that his daughter should go with them. Jackie is fine with this condition of the count and so the adventure begins.

They find out where the monastery of the evil cult is located and then they secretly get inside and get away with Lorelai. But what they do not know is that the evil cult had already brainwashed her to do only what they want. Lorelai drugs Alan and then they go back to the monastery with the 3 pieces that Jackie had. Jackie decides to go to the monastery again and this time he goes in style on a dirt bike at first, then climbs down a mountain using a rope and rescues Alan and Lorelai. But when they run, Jackie sees the Armour of God and before he can touch it, the leader of the evil cult appears and tells Jackie tat he must be following a god and asks Jackie which god he believes in. Jackie responds by saying that his god provides him with everything, food, clothing etc and that his god's name is money.

Getting angry, the leader asks his 4 personal female bodyguards to stop him. Then Jackie has a long fight with all 4 women and eventually defeats by using some high ground and quick punches. Then after he has defeated all 4, he goes to get the Armour of God and then, all of the leader's men start to come and attack him. Then Jackie uses his biggest weapon - a vest full of dynamite. But then he accidentally lights one up and he throws it away before it explodes but the explosion from the dynamite starts to bring everything down and the cave falls on itself along with the leader and the Armour of God. Then Jackie runs to the nearest opening in the mountain and from there he signals to Alan and May who had escaped earlier and is now in the air on a hot air balloon. Then he jumps from the edge of the mountain and after floating for a while through the sky, he finally lands on the top of the air balloon and then the movie ends with the end credits song ('High Upon High') playing.

Flight of the Dragon (High Upon High)


It was nominated at the 1988 Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Action Choreography and it was one of the top grossing movies of the decade in Asia. Jackie Chan came back from almost near death to finish the movie and his efforts had paid off in the best way possible. Even now, when it gets played on T.V., people watch it with a lot of joy. Because there really is no one like Jackie Chan.

Add to that the popular songs in the movie and you have a movie that you simply cannot let go off. Alan Tam sings the song 'Midnight Rider', and he and Jackie Chan together sing the song 'Friend of Mine'. And while 'Midnight Rider' is itself a good reason to watch this movie, Jackie Chan sings the end credits song 'Flight of the Dragon (High Upon High)' which is also a very cool, enjoyable song. It has to be one of Jackie's best songs ever. Add all of these together and it is no surprise why it immediately became such a memorable film. It truly is an enjoyable, classic, action-comedy movie and it truly is, one of Jackie Chan's finest movies out of his entire career. So due to all of these reasons, it is easy to understand that definitely, Armour of God is one of those Awesome Movies.

Thank you for reading Awesome Movies - Armour of God. Hope you have enjoyed it and had a good time with this article. There is an opinion poll below regarding what you thought about my article on awesome movies, so please feel free to take them, comment and give your opinions. Hope to see you soon on another article about another one of those awesome movies. Have a good day and once again, thank you for reading Awesome Movies - Armour of God.

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