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Awesome Revenge Movies

Updated on August 8, 2017
Movie Poster for Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
Movie Poster for Law Abiding Citizen (2009) | Source

Sometimes Payback is the Only Answer

Revenge films are really popular and it's no wonder. They're filled with high stakes plots, suspense and they usually end with the antagonist getting exactly what they deserve. Revenge films are compelling for so many reasons. There are TONS of them out there but, (as with all movies), certain ones just stand out. Beware of spoilers! Here are my favorite revenge movies ever:

Kill Bill volume 1 & 2

Uma Thurman really kicks some serious ass in this Tarantino film! After deciding to leave behind her life as an assassin, 'the bride'/BB Kiddo is set to be married. Her happiness is quickly snuffed out when her killer buddies show up and kill everyone. She later awakes in a hospital without her baby bump. Her ultimate goal is not only finding out what happened to her baby but to kill every single person who tried to kill her. She runs through them all and gets to her nemesis and ex-lover: Bill. She kills him in a fantastic way. Both movies are action packed, and, as it is with all Tarantino films - there's some great dialogue.

Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler shines in this suspenseful revenge flick. His family is killed by two complete trash bags during a home invasion. The prosecutor on the case is able to land the death penalty for one of the men but the other only gets a few years. Butler's character sees this as the system failing him and takes action. On the day the man is executed, he ensures the injection isn't painless. This is a must-watch if you enjoy a great revenge movie.

John Wick

This guy takes some massive revenge on all the people in his way. This young asshole (Theon Greyjoy), kills his puppy and steals his car. That's totally worth going HAM and taking out hundreds of people with an insane amount of head shots. Reeves doesn't say a lot in this movie but his shooting sort of speaks for itself.

The Punisher

So, John Travolta plays a crime boss whose son is killed by an undercover agent - Frank Castle, (played by Kevin Nash). After that, the crime boss unleashes a load of his killer friends to take out not only Castle, but his entire family. (Yeah, he's an asshole). Castle proves really hard to kill and transforms into one of my favorite 'rouge heroes': The Punisher. Wearing the shirt his son gave him the day he died, Castle vows to punish those who do wrong and the guy sticks to his word. Even though, I'll admit, I'm still partial to 'The Punisher' featured in Netflix's Daredevil - this movie is still a tried and true revenge flick.

I Spit on your Grave

This one is really intense and gory but it's an amazing revenge movie if you can stomach it. The basis is: a girl gets raped, they think they kill her but they are so very wrong. Instead of going to the police, she takes matters into her own hands and hunts them down. With each kill she gets more creative in her brutality and gives all the rapist pigs some truly horrific deaths.

Inglorious Bastards

"We're gonna be doin' one thing, and one thing only - killin' Nazis", said Aldo Rayne and he certainly wasn't lying. They kill a shit load of Nazis in this Tarantino movie. His movies are known for a lot of action, violence and gripping stories. This is probably one of my favorite Tarantino movies. The cast is incredible and a lot of people take seriously bloody revenge.

Death Sentence

Kevin Bacon loses his favored son in a gang initiation killing and he doesn't take it well. He decides to go from a dude working in an office to a dude killing gang members. Although he clearly sees the face of the man who killed his son, he doesn't ID him. He wants that murderous SOB all to himself. This movie is action packed and, in my opinion, one of Bacon's best films.

A Man Apart

Vin Diesel plays a character besides Dominic Torreto in this one, (for once), and it's actually a really good movie! He's a cop whose wife gets killed on the orders of a crime boss. He doesn't know exactly who the boss really is so he works his way through the entire criminal enterprise to find him. This movie has a really well written plot and great acting.

Secret in their Eyes

I really don't want to spoil the ending of this one because it's just fantastic. This revenge film revolves around a woman, (Julia Roberts), whose daughter is brutally murdered. The characters in this film are utterly compelling. Everyone in the film has guilt over what happened and they all have secrets of their own. I'll admit, this film starts out slow but the ending makes up for everything. It's totally worth the watch and makes for a gritty revenge movie.

I Spit on your Grave Trailer


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    • KrissyCross profile image

      Krissy Cross 6 months ago

      Inglorious Bastards is one of my favorite movies ever. Tarantino is great with revenge films.

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      I wrote a hub like this a few years ago. Revenge movies are so awesome. Great list here. I would add Man on Fire, Lucky Number Sleven, The Crow and 8mm. Inglorious Bastards and Law Abiding Citizen both made my list as well.