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Ayaka Komatsu Beautiful Japanese Movie Actress and Swimsuit Model From Iwate Prefecture

Updated on February 7, 2018

A photo of Ayaka Komatsu from issue #85 of the Wanibooks photo series in July 2011


Who is Ayaka Komatsu and why is her place of birth significant?

Ayaka Komatsu is a Japanese supermodel and actress. She was born on July 23, 1986 in the city of Ichinoseki in Japan. That city is located in the Iwate Prefecture. Iwate Prefecture was the site of the horrible attack of former AKB48 member Rina Kawaei and current member Anna Iriyama as the two girls were attacked by a crazy fan during an AKB48 handshake event. There is just something amazing about Japanese women. They are so beautiful, sweet and kind. And I also think Japanese women and Asians in general have an exotic look to them. Ayaka Komatsu will probably become one of my favorite Japanese models because she has beautiful eyes and she just looks so sweet. With this brief introduction, who really is Ayaka Komatsu?

Photos of Ayaka Komatsu in a swimsuit (also from Wanibooks issue #85 in 2011)

Why is Ayaka Komatsu so famous?

Ayaka Komatsu is a movie actress and supermodel that rose to prominence following appearances in the Japanese magazine called Candy. Her first notable movie role was in the movie called Odoru Daisousasen The Movie 2. In this movie, Komatsu plays the role of a person that has been victimized by a vampire. In 2002, she got another big role when she was assigned to play the role of the character Minako Aino. This role played by Komatsu was for the live action version of the anime called Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon. Komatsu’s popularity rose as a result of this work and she was then given a role for the movie called Koibumi. This was not the end of her popularity but rather an increase of it. Komatsu was then chosen to be part of the modeling quartet called Nittlelegenic. Two modeling DVD’s were released by Komatsu. She has also released the photo books Ayaka no Natsu and Ayaka Nichokku. What else makes Ayaka Komatsu and interesting celebrity?

Ayaka Komatsu in a swimsuit: from her 2011 DVD Ayaka Full

Other Reasons that Ayaka Komatsu is Interesting as a Celebrity

  • She went to two different high schools. These are Satoru Seki Academy High School and Ichinoseki High School.
  • When she is not acting or modeling, Ayaka enjoys making sweets, baking and playing table tennis.
  • Further adding to her status as an interesting celebrity is the fact that she is skilled at performing Japanese traditional dance.
  • Ayaka also sets herself apart from many Japanese people in the language department. She is bilingual being fluent in both Spanish and Japanese. Komatsu spent eight years of her life in Argentina which explains her fluency in the language.

A video showing various photos of Ayaka Komatsu


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