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B.A.P Power full Album Review

Updated on April 30, 2012
Power Album cover
Power Album cover | Source
B.A.P | Source

Quick Background of the Group

B.A.P is a South Korean six member boy group. They were formed in 2012 by TS Entertainment. The group debuted with their impressive and intense song warrior in January of 2012. The group consists of Bang Young Gook who prior to B.A.P was an already established and impressive rapper. Young Jae who is the main vocalist. Jong Up is the main dancer and a vocalist, Dae Hyun is the main vocalist, Him Chan a vocalist, rapper and visual and Zelo the maknae (youngest) of the group who is only 15 is the lead dancer and lead rapper. All the members in B.A.P bring their own strengths to the rookie group, and have so far asserted a great presence in the realm of k-pop.

Power Promotional Picture
Power Promotional Picture | Source


Power is the second album from B.A.P in a span of three months. Power was released on April 27 2012, and consists of four tracks. The second album though short in amount of songs, lives up to its name. For a rookie group this album shows a great deal of promise and it compliments there first album very well.


Fight For Freedom - The edge this song has draws you in and basically gives you an outline of what to expect from the rest of the tracks. It has a rock, hip-hop, pop fusion, making the song have an interesting and new sound not heard in any other k-pop group.

Individual Score: A

Power-As the promotional song for the album, this song lives up to the high expectations of its name. The song has a rock, hip-hop sound accompanied by stand out vocals and rapping. The English in the song is good with one error, that doesn't affect the song too much. There is not one person in the song that stands out above another. All the boys bring their uniqueness and they flow together greatly. What is really good about this song is that it builds on the image that B.A.P built for themselves with their first album. The song is definitely powerful; you will want to listen to it again and again.

Individual Score: A

What The Hell-Once again the rock, pop, hip-hop fusion is built on this song. This is really reminiscent of the sound "Linkin Park" has. The song has a mature feeling that really distinguishes it from the other tracks. This is another hit out of the park for B.A.P. What surprises me the most is this sound has never been found in mainstream K-pop before and all of B.A.P is young, and the fact that they can convey such a mature feeling in this song is amazing.

Individual Score: A

전부거짓말(All Lie)- Unlike many albums that end on an awkward ballad, this one is different. This like all the other tracks, has rock and pop influences. This is a unique upbeat ballad. After three powerful tracks with similar sounds, this ballad is both expected and anticipated. The vocals on the track really shine, and provide a well-rounded ending to the album. The slow and husky rap from Bang Young Gook adds a great deal of an emotional aspect to the song. Overall this ballad is as powerful as their more upbeat tracks. This also proves that a well written ballad with similar musicality to the other tracks can fit perfectly into an album.

Individual Score: A

Official TSE Youtube Channel

Music Video

This video was not only effective in conveying the lyrics in the song, but it also brought an emphasis to the originality B.A.P has distinguished themselves with.


Clothing-The group looks go from military inspired clothing to underground grungy looks. There is also an appearance of a more classy look at the beginning. The grungy looks are red and black and really give off that hip-hop feel. The military inspired looks with the black undershirts, jackets, black pants and combat boots really give that powerful feeling. The fake body art also gives a mature and manly feeling to the video. The looks in the beginning with the white coats and white pants have a sophisticated feel to them that really counters the darkness of the other outfits throughout the video.

Scenery- There are four different scenes in the music video. The first being the opening scene that is the boy's coming out of or being activated by some sort of mechanism. When the scene changes there is an underground area with a tunnel where many of the dance scenes are held. The scene that stood out the most was the desert scene. The background looked like spaceship parts fallen in the sand, and then the open space where the boys danced. The scenes really went with the alien feel that B.A.P represents.

Dance-The dancing in the music video was great it really complimented the video and the song itself. After having a powerful dance to warrior, a bigger and better one was expected for power. I have to say that they achieved the same greatness with the dance in this video. The hip-hop style of dancing in this video was well choreographed and really made the video pop.

Story Line-There is no story line in the video, and I have to say it is great without one. Because of the distinct genre of music that B.A.P has created, a music video with a story line would have been a bit off putting, so I am glad it was just a video showcasing there dancing talents.

Likes-I liked that this was a group effort and they all stood out equally in the music video and the song. I also just loved the video itself because it was a great representation of the song.

Dislikes-No matter how many times I watched the video hopping for something to pop out so I could mention how wrong it was, or how much I didn't like it. I couldn't find anything I didn't like about this music video.

Individual Score: A

Overall Score

I am hard to impress, I always have a critical eye for even the slightest details. With that said,I was completely shocked after listening to the album and watching the music video. I found that I loved it, and it has been quite some time since I could say that about any artists complete work. This is why B.A.P has gotten the highest score possible of an A. I honestly look forward to B.A.P's future in the Korean entertainment industry. If they stick with the uniqueness they have represented so far they will become global stars.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i love love love B.A.P my fav member is Zelo cuz his so so so cute and awesome at rapping! XD


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