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BBC's Black and British season

Updated on November 21, 2016
Actor David Harewood
Actor David Harewood | Source
Comedian Lenny Henry
Comedian Lenny Henry | Source
Footballer Raheem Sterling
Footballer Raheem Sterling | Source
Actor dris Elba
Actor dris Elba | Source
MP Diane Abbott
MP Diane Abbott

The UK's Black Community is made of two communities one Caribbean and the other African. The Caribbean community first came over on the Wind Rush a ship carrying people who were of the British Commonwealth to do jobs Native Brits did not want do like bus drivers and cleaners. They were largely from Jamaica and the other community come from places like Nigeria in Africa.

The Black Community has grown over the years until it has become a part of British society and today you see British Blacks in all walks of life from actors to sports people to news presenters and everything else in between.

The Black Community has certainly faced racism and resentment from Native European Brits and probably still does, however, in the above paragraph I highlighted that Blacks on the whole have become part of the furniture now and if anything they over represented more than any other community living in the UK it seems.

Black people make up 2% of the British population and number according to the last census on ethnic identity in the UK around about 1,148,738. Brixton in London for example has become synonymous with the Black Community and other cities in the UK like Birmingham and Manchester also have large Black populations.

The BBC has been hosting a Black and British season looking at the Black Community in the UK from ancient times up until the present day. Also as part of this season a programme called Black is the new Black showcasing a whole host of Black talent and their representation and contribution to British life. Along with this season also came a programme which was shown last night highlighting the Pentecostal Black Church in the UK whose movement is bucking a trend in the UK where Christianity is shrinking as a religion. The Black Church is not only there for religious worship but is there to help the community as a whole not just Blacks and this was the subject matter of this programme.

I have nothing against the BBC devoting a whole season to Black British people, however, while Blacks in all walks of life in the UK are in the ascendancy its a shame other communities as I have said in this piece do not get the representation on the media that Blacks do.


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