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BBC1's 'The Voice'.

Updated on January 19, 2016
Kaiserchiefs. | Source
Black Eyed Peas.
Black Eyed Peas. | Source
Culture Club.
Culture Club. | Source
Paloma Faith.
Paloma Faith. | Source

A Plethora of Failed Wanna - Be Stars.

The new season being shown on BBC1 for the last time where after I believe it switches to ITV1 'The Voice' is with us again. Featuring 'The Voice' stalwarts of and the Kaiserchiefs Ricky Wilson joined by new members to the judging panel Paloma Faith who some see as the natural successor to Amy Winehouse and Culture Club front man Boy George or George O'Dowd if you prefer the name he was Christened with.

Tom Jones was with the programme from the beginning and added many years of experience to the panel but he was unceremoniously sacked from the show and replaced for some unkown reason by gender - bender Boy George. Paloma Faith replaced Rita Ora who was only with the show for one season moving to ITV1 to sit at Simon Cowell's side on ITV1's 'The X - Factor'. Other female artists have included Jessie J and Kylie Minogue and other male artists featured as judges on the show were Danny O'Donoghue singer and guitarist with the Irish Band The Script.

The four judges sit with their backs to the stage and turn around if they like the sound of the person their listening to and then they go on their team whether that be Team Will or Ricky for example. Then to sum up its a battle of the voices and those voices could be rock, r n b, whatever genre and then each singer is whittled down until a winner emerges voted for by the public.

The singers who win achieve mesmeric chart ratings and then disappear without trace ever again. Take for example rock singer and fireman Steve McCrorie who delivered a fine victory for Team Ricky and he had a blast at chart success then seemed to vanish up his own tail pipe though it seems he does have an album coming out and will he break the curse of the show that none of the artists have been lasting artists. Yet with the combined knowledge and contacts that people like and Ricky have in the music business you would assume they would get behind their musical winners and help their careers more unless it goes on in private but right now it seems the public are fickle when it comes to 'The Voice' winners and ensuring their longevity as artists something ITV1's 'X - Factor' and 'Britains Got Talent' has not struggled with controlled by impersario Simon Cowell. Many of Cowell's shows hated and loved in equal measure have spawned stars that have lasted like Olly Murs and Susan Boyle or Su - Bo to the press.

It seems though unless I've read wrong Ricky Wilson is departing the show after this run of the current series is over.

The show is moving to ITV1 because it seems the BBC cannot afford the show as it is having to make cut backs much to the ruling Conservative party's delight and probably because it cannot afford to pay the over inflated salaries of people like, Ricky Wilson, Boy George and Paloma Faith.

So the question has to be asked finally whats the point of the 'The Voice' if none of the singers so far have found lasting success surely it cant just be to further the careers of the four judges but looking at it from that point of view Messers am, Wilson and O'Dowd plus Ms Faith are certainly getting more exposure from being on the show.

What the show will be like when it comes to ITV1 I cannot say or will Cowell himself have a role in it. All I would say is watch this space.

Past Judges Of The Voice.

Tom Jones.
Tom Jones. | Source
Jessie J.
Jessie J. | Source
Rita Ora.
Rita Ora. | Source
Kylie Minogue.
Kylie Minogue. | Source
The Script.
The Script. | Source


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