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B.C.M.G...What's the Scoop?

Updated on March 11, 2015

About the Label

Blue Collar Muzik Group is a small record label striving to produce new and upcoming talent of young locals in Dallas Texas. B.C.M.G. originated by Sterling Mitchell aka Mister Magic, Sean Mitchell aka D2 Da Fool, William Gipson aka Dallas Gippa & Tyson Gibson aka Tyson G beats….

Being both label owners and artist B.C.M.G. currently retain countless underground recordings, which fall on the rosters today. But make no qualms they seek new talent. With only a short time in production they have manage to populate the local industry charts. Watch out for this new label…It seems everything they touch is turning to Gold….

B.C.M.G. consist mostly of brothers from other mothers, and with all this talent calibration is a must…So if you’re looking to become a solo artist or a multi rap group…Whatever the flavor, you’ve come to the right spot. This God fearing label will put you on the right track….Did I mention they also create their own beats as well? Enough said take a look at their first video….But be for warned…it can get a bit ruthless…Nothing we haven’t heard before though…Check-em-out….

Getting Money

Not Just Another Rap Group

B.C.M.G. don't pride themselves on just a musical label…These guys show signs of acting & comedy skills as well. Can’t say much about their acting ability...But with practice they can become flawless… At least they made me laugh out loud…What don't B.C.M.G. do? Haven’t found much of nothing yet, something new is always looming from under this label...

I'm keeping my eyes open on these fellows and I'll be sure to keep yall in on the Scoop....

The Blank Trip

B.C.M.G. Mixed Tape Tracks

To connect with Blue Collar Muzik Group...Drop a e-mail address in the Comment box....


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      Sarah 3 years ago

      Please I would like to connect with this label. My e-mail address is