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Beauty and the Beast Modern Version

Updated on March 2, 2016


Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast TV Series is a CW Production.It is a remake of the Classic Beauty and the Beast with a twist. This version is a story following a young Homicide detective named Cathrine Chandler(Cat) and the Beast known as Vincent Keller.

The star characters are not new to our screens as Cat is played by Kristin Kreuk whom one will remember as Lana in Smallville. She took our breathe away as Lana and she will blow you away as Beauty.She is joined by Jay Ryan who plays the role of Vincent Keller the BEAST.

From the time the two characters meet there is a spark between them.The two characters have a very explosive chemistry that one cannot help but follow the drama.It follows the same concept of love against all odds.

Of course there are the villains.They are in many forms as the audience gets to meet the rest of the characters.From the beginning of the episode the viewer gets to learn of how Vincent ended up becoming the beast, which is through an experiment that went wrong.The organization that created him was the government but the specific branch is secretive.The viewer is introduced to one of the powerful people who represents the secret organization who goes by the name Muirfield.It is a name that is feared by all those who are familiar with it. Muirfield indeed does make an appearance and it's no surprise why THE BEAST is living in the dark.

Right from the start we are introduced to Catherine through a flashback of her mother's murder.When about to be killed herself, the Beast saves her.From the narration no one believed her and her testimony was dismissed for she had suffered a concussion when she had fallen.Then the scene is forwarded to the present day, 9 yrs later where she is a Homicide detective in Special crimes division.While on her case, the evidence leads to a dead doctor by the name Vincent Keller, it is from this case that the two lead roles meet and the viewer gets hooked.

Other main characters are JT Forbes who plays Vincent bestfriend and roomate, Tess who is Catherine Chandler's partner, Joe Bishop who is Catherine's Boss i.e lieutenant , Evan Max who plays the Medical examiner.Also there is Heather Chandler Cat's sister and the Dad. The cases Catherine investigates always end up crossing Vincent's path which is a plus to the viewer as the two of them are a much needed viewing.

It ends up being an addictive series that the viewer can't wait for the next episode, even if it doesn't leave you at the edge of your seat the love aspect of it has been drooled over by fans all over the world.

Beauty and the beast

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