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Updated on June 28, 2013

Beauty and the Beast scenes in upcoming episodes

Beauty and the Beast has been Renewed!!!

Apparently CW has finally realized that Beauty and the Beast doesn't have fans it has followers.For months Beasties have wondered about the fate of the Show. As the final episodes get underway,the fire rises, all viewers were on the edge of their couches praying for good news. For those beasties who could not take the uncertainty, they decided to take action by joining the SAVE BB Movement.From forums to fan pages, to tweeting to borderline sending mails to CW, BEASTIES did all of it. Finally CW heard.

Personally am a Beasties and the thought of the show being cancelled was torture. The action packed yet still romantic series has something for all viewers.This News could not come at a more greater time. I am ecstatic about it!!! Forgive me for the over sharing.

From sources, CW had a list of bubble shows. From the list,shows like Nikita and Hart of Dixie are set to be renewed for full season.The fate of Beauty and the Beast lied upon the growing, dedicated fan base, Network politics and that the series is a CASH COW for the studio.

One of the losers from the bubble show list is CULT and Carrie diaries.

As Beauty and the Beast is on track to comeback for season two much is also expected from the show by fans who have come to be known as Beasties. The finale is by far the most anticipated show, viewers would really like to find out if the show will end in a cliff hanger or will the fate of their favorite casts be revealed, the Beauty and the Beast writing crew have kept the information on code red.

On other polls, Jay Ryan star actor of Beauty and the Beast lost to Supernatural's Misha Collins in the ALPHA MALE POLL.Yhese is still good news as the loss was of 1% and also Beauty and the Beast is an infant show(referred to by batb fb fan Lil) as compared to CW's Supernatural.The polls closed on 10th April 2013 and will reopen on 11TH April 2013 for Finals. As Beasties lick their wounds we also wish the FINALIST good luck.Next time Guys, next time.

Final Episodes!!!


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