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Updated on July 17, 2013


This Thursday is going to yet another on the edge of the seat episode for Beauty and the Beast fans. From the preview, everything is going off. Vincent has to run as both Muirfield guys and New York finest are coming for him. The vigilante has been making headlines which is a threat to Vincent's existence. Catherine is going to prove her love and her skills as she is determined to clear Vincent's name at the same time hide from Muirfield.

One can almost say that this episode can be assumed to be almost a climax. At this stage of the season, it is expected that some bonds will change and new sides of the characters will be revealed to the viewers, what the viewers will find out might not be what they expected.From Beasties point of view, I hope the end is not near.

Tess is being confronted with a huge dilemma in this episode.She has to choose between her friendship to Catherine, the years they put in to their partnership as cops and her ability to do her Job. Now that she knows who the Vigilante is, she has to report him, that is her sworn duty as a detective.Her relationship with the boss who is her lieutenant might tempt her to report her findings or just the usual detective ego. I believe this episode is going to mainly feature Tess more than ever. Her personal and professional life is going to be faced with challenges. These challenges will mainly revolve on her choosing the side, and even if she does there will be no winning for as if she reveals the vigilante she will lose Catherine and if she doesn't, the guilt of lying to her boss and the man she loves not to mention her sworn duty will still taunt her. Previously such circumstances have been faced by Catherine that is why it will be exciting to discover which side Tess will end up in.

Cat and Vincent are going to go on as usual, hiding from the world and trying to prevent the walls from closing in.This episode though is going to make the viewers blood rush as the chances of the world discovering the well kept secret are huge.

The ADA bloodhound persona has upped the stakes as hunting for the BEAST has become the number one agenda for the police division.The ADA seems to be more interested with catching the vigilante than to uphold justice.The fact that he has set up office not to mention arriving at crime scenes show that he is out for blood.

Joe Bishop the lieutenant also is out on the manhunt.His drive is different as he is out for retribution and justice for his younger brother Darius.Being an Lt of one of the most prominent police division and have your own brother murdered, with the killer unaccounted for is unacceptable.The lieutenant has to restore the faith of the city that he can actually provide security.It is therefore a no brainer why Joe has to use all the means he has to bring the vigilante to justice.

No matter what angle the viewer takes, satisfaction is guaranteed as the mind games will keep one guessing.It is truly a must watch program this Thursday.


5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Beauty and the Beast


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