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BTS: Korean Boy Group Making Ground Breaking Waves in the American Music Industry

Updated on October 19, 2017
BTS invited to Billboard Music Awards in America.
BTS invited to Billboard Music Awards in America. | Source

BTS (Beyond the Scene), as most of their international fans call them, is a top Korean Boy Group making ground-breaking waves in the music industry in America. Although their popularity can be described as mostly fan-powered, they have been given acknowledgment by top American Music shows like Billboard and the Grammy’s!

What makes them so special?

The group is a socially conscious team of young men, all in the ages of 20-25, that are hoping to spread their message about youth and adolescence to a wide array of audiences. Their songs, which are predominantly sung in Korean, reaches many hearts of people all over the world! For their music to be so well-loved, despite being in a completely foreign language, is a massive feat indeed!

BTS has been breaking record after record, and recently was praised for their newest single “DNA” spending FOUR whole weeks in the prestigious HOT100 chart on Billboard, something no Korean Group has ever done before! Simultaneously their newest album, “Love Yourself 承 Her” has been staying strong in the top 50s of the BB200 chart ever since it’s release on September 18.

They’ve broken so many records these past months, it’s almost dizzying to keep track of them all! Their fans (who call themselves) ARMYs, are elated. They’re certainly making their voices heard on Twitter. At times they’re almost like BTS's very own promotional team!

Who knows what else BTS has in store for us?

There’s no denying that they have something special about them, and the world is definitely watching.

Their newest Music Video DNA!


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