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BTS Suga, Spice and Everything Nice

Updated on September 17, 2019
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What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.

Facts About Suga

Suga is one of the three genius rappers of BTS, a South Korean International music group, also called as the Bangtan Boys. He was given such cool stage name because according to Bang PD, he is pale and looks sweet when he smiles. Before his $8 million net worth, he was born as Min Yoon-gi on March 9, 1993 in Daegu from a poor family, so you can just imagine how life has turned out great for him because of his persistence and talent in songwriting. His family consists of his mom, dad and an older brother.

Suga has been writing music lyrics since he was 13 and by age 17, he had a part-time job at a record studio. His talents were honed as he continued to compose, arrange music and perform. He was an underground rapper by the name Gloss (English Translation of Yoongi) before he signed up for Big Hit Entertainment. Initially, he joined to be a producer but ended up training for 3 years with co-rappers RM and J-Hope, then debuted in 2013 as a member of BTS.

His talents in writing, composing, arranging and mixing gained him full membership to the Korea Music Copyright Association on January of 2018 with over 70 registered songs under his name.

Suga, Spice and Everything Nice

While most of his BTS brothers regard him as "Grandpa" for being cranky and for always sleeping, and "Motionless Min" for doing nothing during his days off, he actually acts as the father of the younger members. With his straightforward personality, he scolds or nags them which spices things up by making them better at what they do. Also, there was a clip shown on BTS Variety Chronicles where all BTS members had the chance to vent out in the open and Suga blurted out that Bang PD lied to him before he was signed up for Big Hit Entertainment, saying that he was told he only has to rap and that he doesn't need to dance. Suga expressed this in a very amusing way further saying that he lied because other than having to dance, BTS has the most difficult dance routines. The other members just laughed and Bang PD told him to practice more.

Despite being frank he is the sweetest person and all the members even confirmed this during a Fandom School Interview. He's also my second favorite BTS member for easily capturing my attention with such sweet angelic smile.

He's a very nice person. He fixes things that RM accidentally breaks and does household hassles like changing light bulbs or fixing the toilet. He also makes sure that he fulfills his promises.

There was an instance in 2014 when he made a promise to buy meat for his fans if he becomes successful in his music career. He carried out this promise 4 years after, by donating beef to 39 orphanages under his fanbase name "A.R.M.Y" on his 25th birthday. The following year, he donated $88,000 and 329 BT21 dolls to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation in celebration of his 26th birthday. He is also an ethusiast of mental health and equality and speaks openly of these subjects to share wisdom to people.

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Other Interesting Facts

  1. He also plays the piano.
  2. He was inspired to be a rapper after listening to "Fly" by Epic High.
  3. Suga also stands for Shooting Guard (like the position he plays in basketball).
  4. When he was younger, he wanted to be an architect.
  5. He produced Suran's chart-topping pre-release track “Wine” which has sold over 500,000 digital downloads.
  6. He had a surgery in 2013 due to appendicitis.
  7. He's very good at basketball and has talent in doing ball exhibitions.

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Award-Giving Body
Melon Music Awards
Hot Trend
Suran (singer) and Suga (producer) for “Wine”

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