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BTS V and His 4D Personality

Updated on September 16, 2019
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What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.

Facts About V

V is a stage name used by the second youngest member of the Worldwide phenomenal septet group, BTS also called as the Bangtan Boys. His co- members as well as their PD felt that V suits him well, stating that it stands for Victory though his real name is Kim Tae-hyung. He was born on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea and has 2 younger siblings (a brother and sister). He grew up in Geochang County and he was in elementary school when he started aspiring to be a professional singer.

V passed the audition at Daegu and became a trainee for Big Hit Entertainment. He made his first appearance on Mnet's M Countdown on June 13, 2013 as a member of BTS with its debut track "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool. He's one of the four BTS vocalists (Jimin, Jungkook and Jin) and one of the good dancers as well. In 2014, he enrolled in Global Cyber University after graduating from Korean Arts High School.

V's 4D Personality

V has a lot of nicknames that are either coming from his friends, co-BTS members, A.R.M.Y, funny stories or derived from his personality. He's been called Taetae by his friends or Blank Tae because of his blank expression. When he was once asked what his english name would be, he responded with "Jack...come back" from the movie Titanic. He's also referred to as the Gucci Prince, which is pretty obvious because he loves Gucci so much that he wears it everywhere. The most interesting nickname that suits him very well (aside from V) is 4D which means four-dimensional. It's a KPop slang when someone regards an idol as unique or different from the others. V has a type of character that reacts differently than most would in a common situation. He does things randomly and his reactions are unexpected which normally surprises people. Thus, the nickname 4D which means thinking and acting out-of-the-box, or out of this world.

I was unaware that he was sometimes referred to as 4D but I have always known that he acts differently amongst the BTS members. I find him weird and wacky in an amusing way and I think his personality is entertaining because you can never predict what he would say or do. There was this interview they did in China which was probably in 2014 or 2015 (can't remember the year) and BTS introduced themselves in the Chinese language (as a group and individually). V was already done introducing himself but I guess he felt really cool that he could speak Chinese so he introduced himself again using the script he has memorized. Some might've found it weird at that time but I think it was funny. It was also during that same interview when RM slightly reprimanded him for being so hyper because of his posture and RM probably felt it was inappropriate but V just looked innocent and childish.

I could also remember another incident of his amusing behavior from their reality TV show American Hustle when they met Coolio for the first time. Coolio was all serious with his rules and all the members of BTS felt intimidated so they were just quietly listening and would only respond when they were asked. V, despite the tension just all of a sudden said "Turn it up!" when Coolio was saying something serious. Coolio asked if he knows what it means and V said "Party!" I literally got scared for his life when I was watching because he clearly irritated Coolio and was commanded to do push-ups. The rest of the BTS members were probably embarrassed and I would've felt the same way but come to think of it, he was just living in his own world and probably wasn't even aware of the situation. He just did what he felt like he wanted to do and it's pretty cute that he seems so innocent in his own way.



Other Interesting Facts

  1. He plays the piano and saxophone.
  2. He's not just a singer and dancer. He's a songwriter, record producer and actor.
  3. I first saw him as an actor in the Kdrama series Hwarang though I didn't know he was a BTS member and I didn't know BTS back then. He easily caught my attention because of his lovely face and superb acting.
  4. In 2017, he ranked 1 in the "100 Most Handsome Faces" and ranked 5 in 2018.

100 Most Handsome Faces 2017

100 Most Handsome Faces 2018

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