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Baaghi: Shows Tiger Shroff is India's Jackie Chan

Updated on July 27, 2016

Baaghi is a 2016 film about an orphan of a Army General who moves to Kerala into a Martial art school run by his father's friend. He falls in love with a girl and then fights to win her from the son of the father's friend.

Overall rating: 8.1/10


Baaghi covers a 120 minute run-time script. The script at no point is lagging or boring. It is a well-structured script and the transitions between the two halves of the film is great. When Tiger's character moves from Kerala to Bangkok, it is a complete fast-forward. & also a change of scenario. The minimalistic nature of the script keeps the story easy to digest. It's a very streetsmart script.

Why the transition is great?: The transition from the first act to second act after the death of the Guru is highly effective in taking the viewer forward. Overall, a very tricky & potentially confusing transition is handled well in the screenplay.

Tiger and Shraddha in a song sequence with Kerala's elephants in the backdrop.
Tiger and Shraddha in a song sequence with Kerala's elephants in the backdrop.


Tiger Shroff's love interest in the film is Shraddha Kapoor. Both are relatively new actors, Shraddha being more experienced. Both share amazing chemistry and are coincidentally school classmates in real life.Their dance choreography and intimate moments are very cute. Kapoor is her usual sweet self- she is the typical girl next door. Shroff plays the talented and reckless orphan who falls in love with her.

How's the chemistry with the villain in the film?: Shroff and Kapoor share a good chemistry with the Villain in film - played by Sudheer Babu. I am very impressed by him and he has potential to be really good negative character in Bollywood films. A great talent. He reminds me of great villains in Bollywood like Amrish Puri and Gulshan Grover. Sudheer Babu has that kind of potential in him.

Sudheer Babu playing the Villain, seen here practising Kalaripattayu.
Sudheer Babu playing the Villain, seen here practising Kalaripattayu.


If you wait in the theatres for the end credits, Shroff is shown performing his stunts with a lot of trial and error. You see him grieving in pain and still trying on. It's great to see Bollywood actors perform their own stunts. Earlier we only had Akshay Kumar who performed his own stunts when no one else did. Now we have Shroff. The end credits of Baaghi are similar to watching Jackie's Chan stunts in the end credits of Rumble in the Bronx where he's seen doing the same.

Why compare Tiger with Jackie Chan?: Jackie Chan is a legend and he cannot ever be replaced in eternity. I do not mean any disrespect to the legend when comparing Tiger Shroff to Chan. Jackie was known to risk his life for the perfect shot. Tiger has shades of that in him.


Baaghi is split into two locations- Kerala and Bangkok. In the first half of the film, the Boat race and martial art - Kalaripattayu is shown. The cinematography is laudable and shows a beautiful Kerala. Baaghi's cinematography of Kerala is comparable to the film Kahaani's cinematography of Kolkata during Durga Puja.

In the second half, the film moves onto Bangkok. The alleys and old market of Bnagkok's are shown with the famous Tuk-Tuk richshaw. One of Shroff's stunts involves him running and jumping through an empty Tuk-Tuk to the other side. Overall, great cinematography has been used to complement the direction.

The camera angles used accurately complement the vision of the film. It is a well-executed script that covers the comedy, romance, seriousness and action in a compact package.

Tiger performing his own stunts in a fight sequence in Bangkok.
Tiger performing his own stunts in a fight sequence in Bangkok.


The Film Score used in the fight sequences are synced, loud & perceptive. The sound editing makes the action scenes larger than life. The film has benefited by having a brilliant Sound Editing and Sound Mixing team. I can go far in saying that the Film Score of Baaghi's action scenes is as good as that in The Fast & the Furious.

How's the soundtrack of the film? :The soundtrack of Baaghi was not a chartbuster per se. It has good romantic songs such as "Girl I Need You" and "Let's talk about Love". The former is sung by the Meet Bros who are rising up the ranks as singers of popular songs in Bollywood. The titles of the the two most popular songs in Baaghi are in English. I like both the songs but the soundtrack of Baaghi did not impress me. It was understated and could have made more of an impact.

Tiger with his Guru during meditation.
Tiger with his Guru during meditation.


Baaghi is a must-watch for being a film of romance, action, comedy and ambition. It is a complete entertainer. After Heropanti, Tiger Shroff has come out with another incredible performance in Baaghi. He is developing to be a complete entertainer. He, in his short career of two films, has shown a range of an action cum romance cum comedy lead actor. Tiger Shroff is developing to be a mix of Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan & Akshay Kumar.

I recommend this film to be watched with friends, family or on a date. It is a great action film with a brilliant chemistry of Shraddha kapoor and Tiger Shroff. It has its incredibly funny moments in Tiger Shroff's brilliant sense of humor.

Review by
-Jay Doshi

Tiger kissing Shraddha in Baaghi.
Tiger kissing Shraddha in Baaghi.

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