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Baahubali 1 - The movie that awed me

Updated on April 11, 2017

What was the spell that created this magic?

The character portrayal is the key behind the movie's success. Each character is depicted so distinctly and intense that you can feel the characters from their own flesh.

Sanga - Motherhood

Let me start with Sanga. She is the graceful portrait of motherhood. She defines the insecurities and the constant tinge of fear that flows through a foster-mother's spine about losing the adopted son. Being a mother without becoming a mother is even more beautiful. She gives you the clear picture of self-less love and motherhood through the eyes of a simple tribal woman.

Kattappa - Loyalty

Kattappa is a comprehensible sketch of a royal slave. He is prone to serve the person residing the throne irrespective of his personal opinion. He takes efforts to make sure that his personal emotions does not come in the way of his duties. He makes you feel his struggles of controlling his emotions, the sincerity in performing his duties, the agony of his inability to help those he cares for.

Sivagami - Tenacity

Sivagami is the kind of woman you cannot dare to mess with. She has got the intelligence, determination, courage and stability to withstand any crisis you hinder her with. Her eyes are fire, her strength is immense, her heart is gold strong yet pure. The majestic queen carries a contagious aura of strength and determination around her.

Avantika - Audacity

She is similar to clay. She has been moulded into a courageous warrior who is ready to take risks to achieve the team motive. She is one of those rebels plotting against the giant king and his kingdom inspite of knowing they can not stand a chance. She is so caught up with team motive that she forgets her feminism, fails to realize her beauty, resists to love. She is young and after all, the clay has not gone completely dry yet. Her prince charming comes along and re-moulds her to uncover the bud which has been trying hard to break free and bloom.

Palvaal Deva - depravity

He has the looks, the strength, the power and everything else a man could dream of. The one thing that he fails to reproduce is the love for others. He loves himself and carries pride and uses his intelligence to fail and betray others. He will not stop at anything when it comes to attaining his goal. He is the ruler that everybody hates. He slithers a sly notion like a snake.

Baahubali - exemplarity

He is the perfect, flawless human being. He is a devoted son, a caring brother, a brave soldier, sensible ruler, honest competitor, an all together personification of good qualities. The difference is that he is tough yet compassionate. He is too good that he puts others before himself and he is the perfect ruler who genuinely wishes and works towards the welfare of his kingdom.

Shivo - Sprightly

He has inherited all the qualities of his father, Bahubali. Though he is not aware of his legacy, he possesses the courage and good will of his father. He is still the innocent juvenile who discovers the world beyond his small tribal town driven by curiosity. He is so full of enthusiasm, compassion and zest.His love for the young warrior and his chivalry of offering to take up her goal as his own and risking his life to attain the same is everything!

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