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Baby Driver Review Comparable to Ludwig's 9th

Updated on January 8, 2018

The Review:

This movie is one of the best movies I have ever witnessed with my own 2 eyes. I personally love this action musical styled movie that had me clapping in happiness, sobbing in sadness and dancing to the songs by the end of it. This Edgar Wright masterpiece is truly an inspiring piece of art comparable to Ludwig’s 9th symphony.

This movie consists of many amazing scenes that will make you want to watch more beautiful crafted movies but for the sake of your eyes (or ears) ,I shall keep it to 3 scenes or this review may extend to be perhaps too long however, I will point out that I seriously suggest you watch this movie for yourself and learn the creation story behind it because it is truly amazing.

The first scene I’d like to review: The Empty Diner scene where Debora and Baby talk for the first time.

Baby enters the cafe alone. He sits waiting for Debora but as she enters he’s mesmerised by her beautiful voice, which reminds him of his mother. This scene is so important to the rest of the relationship between Debora and Baby because it marks the start of Baby’s revolution. Its a rather cliché scene because Debora is a cafe girl who can sing but as cliche as it may be Baby’s mother also used to work there and could sing hence why this is so important to Baby, but this scene is important to the viewer due to the love interest being introduced but why she is the love interest and not just some randomly picked women who could just easily be Debora because she is perfect. They chose the perfect person who can represent: the mother figure, the girlfriend figure and the incentive. Before I finish writing about this scene if you do end up watching this movie I suggest you look at the back wall of the cafe as it faces Debora at a mid shot and I didn’t notice it even 2nd time watching it but when I couldn’t remember if Baby was listening to music or not I saw it and it makes the end of the movie so more impactful.

The second scene I’d like to review: Junk yard

This scene is a very emotional scene for both Baby and the viewer because it gives us more insight into Baby’s backstory. I really like the use of symbolic items/actions in this scene for example the crushing of the car (I believe) was meant to show Baby’s destruction of his previous getaway driving life but when its crushed he realises that all his life had been the crime life and begins to relive the moments before that was the case. This scene is just filled with symbolic themes another example of escaping the life of crime would be him throwing off his driving gloves to once again represent his escape from the life of crime. However if I were to pick my favourite piece of representation in this scene it would definitely be the over the shoulder shot/close up on the phone as he looks at the phone and his reflection in the van. I feel that this shot shows Baby’s final choice as he reflects on his life and then finally decides that he no longer wants this.

The next scene I’d like to review is called Baby’s car/La Streets (According to the rough script)

This scene is one of the final scenes of the movie but probably either the most or the 2nd most emotional scene. In this scene Debora is driving down a road surrounded by trees playing mom or Baby’s mothers cover of Easy. At the time of this scene Baby is deaf but we can hear the music but before I get into the full review of this scene I want to say the part where the music is dimmed out to put us in Baby’s shoes where he then puts his hand on the speaker and then we hear the song was so vivid and emotional and really put us into the character of Baby. Anywho this scene is where Baby gets caught by the police. This scene is beautifully choreographed. When Debora tries to escape Baby stops her. He doesn’t want her to have this life. This dimly reminded me of Travis from Taxi driver falsely protecting Betsy as he believes that she is too pure for the world he is currently in. The police walk in to the beat of the music, no sounds can be heard besides the music as Debora exits the car we see her scream “No” this is all to put inside the shoes of Baby and feel what he is feeling.

All in all I thought this movie was a marvel of art and a cacophony of emotions. Although in my opinion at some points in the movie there was some questionable things but nothing anybody would usually notice such as Buddy falling down the multi story car park but his body lands next to the car but cannot be seen in the next shot however this could be used for emotional effect on the viewer or to make us think if he’s actually dead.


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