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Babylon 5: What it did for me.

Updated on March 4, 2012
The fifth and final space station. Babylon 5.
The fifth and final space station. Babylon 5.
The man himself, J. Michael Straczynski.
The man himself, J. Michael Straczynski. | Source

Last, Best Hope for Peace

Eight-thousand sixty-four and a half meters in length. Nine point one billion metric tons. Powered by eight fusion reactors. This titan of a space vessel is home to some 250,000 living beings, 100,000 of them being human and around 2,000 EarthForce personnel. This includes areas for business, recreation and housing. This is the space station Babylon 5. After the financially crippling loss of Babylon 4, a joint effort of both Humans and Minbari was made in commissioning the fifth and last station, this was done so peace could be formed in neutral space after the Earth-Minbari war.

The Creator
J. Michael Straczynski is the genius behind this baby-lon... (bad pun) most would be more familiar with his work on American graphic novels such as The Amazing Spider Man or his involvement and writing of the multi-award winning movie Changeling and most recently the hit movie Thor. His career has given him the opportunity to work on some amazing projects but for me his most notable and by far one of the most influential in my life has been Babylon 5.

Having written 92 of the 110 episodes, including all 44 episodes in the third and fourth seasons J. Michael Straczynski has been a busy man. As such work did not go wasted as Babylon 5 has won more awards then I care to count! (8... not including the nominations)

Big awards and celebration aside the nitty-gritty of it is that his writing was supported by some of the most talented cast I have ever had the privilege of dedicating hours of my life watching. Each role was portrayed splendidly, each plot twist and backstab had a personality to it that could not have reached its full potential without a very talented individual behind it. I had to put that out there. As much as I adore the story, no movie or show can ever be adequately shown without the talent of the cast (much love goes to the crew as well, can't forget about those guys).

My Experience Gained

I was 14 years old and my parents had gone out of state for two months. While they were away I managed to keep myself out of trouble and in so doing I found several dozen VHS tapes. Considering this was during the summer I had plenty of free time. The tapes were what I paid homage to for two months. Every night for an hour or so before bed I'd watch it. Wrapped up in a dozen or so blankets, anxious about what was going to happen next cause it was such a compelling story I found myself getting angry and sad and all kinds of emotional at a television.

All Good things Must come to an End
Well then I saw the ending. When I had watched it all. It was over. The black and white fuzz at the end of the tape fuzzed for awhile before I sat up and rewound it. I didn't say anything. I was sad but I felt fulfilled. It was a gratifying feeling. The same feeling I get from every book or game or movie or show that I truly enjoy and find myself fully immersed in. It was like that part of my life was closed and from the experiences I witnessed I learned something. However slight, however impressive, didn't matter. I gained something wonderful from this and that's the bottom line. I hope to one day be able to accomplish half of what was done by this series and to do the same for some bored teenager as was done for me. Inspire.

We Will Meet Again

Babylon 5 taught me how impactful something could be to someone. I can openly appreciate things I admire or things that I think are beautiful. I get a tangible sensation whenever something inspiring or remarkable to me is seen or heard, felt, tasted. Any of the senses I have. Whatever! It's the first memory I have from being truly impressed by something. Before I decided I wanted to write I had passions about all kinds of things. I'm a passionate person. I know this because I am, need I say more? Art was what I loved. I have discovered now that to create is better. To create something. I discovered I wanted to create something perhaps half as impressive as the tale of Babylon 5 and have it effect someone else like me and that would be power. It's a powerful thing to do to someone. To inspire them.

This entire hub wasn't really well planned out. I just thought to myself, "I need to somehow find a way to express what this story means to me." In all of my ramblings I still feel I cannot convey. I hope you will watch this show and then post a reply to this with your feelings. It would be time well spent.


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