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Bachelor Brad Second Chance Finale

Updated on June 26, 2011

Meet The Family

ABC footed the bill for Brad’s entire family to head to South Africa to meet the two women who have managed to force Brad to use more than 3 words in a sentence.  Like a real man, Brad burst into tears when he saw his mama.

I remember Brad and Chad looking way more alike—that explains why they didn’t play that stupid switch game like they pulled last season.

Prima and Dillon are Brad’s sisters-in-law.  The Womack men like exotic-named ladiez—shoulda boded well for Chantal.

Chantal downed a 5-hour energy then bowled the family over with her gregariousness.  Brad’s younger brother (from another father?), Wes went on and on about how hot Chantal is.  Super Creep.

Chantal talked about her divorce a lot, and downed some red wine with Mama Womack.  Overall, they liked her for the Good Time Gal that she is.

On the other hand, Emily won them over by making them cry like a bunch of girls watching The Notebook.  At first, Wes was unimpressed by Emily’s reserved nature, and then ended up being the one to open the baby-daddy tragedy door accidentally.  Almost immediately, he changed his tune about Emily.  The whole family gained mountains of respect for the single mother.

Brad’s brothers were crazy concerned about Brad being a stepdad, until he lit up talking about Ricki.  The most important statement made all episode was that Emily makes him “want to be a better man” (when you quote Jack Nicholson, you win). 

The entire Womack family was definitely on Team Emily.  Mama Dukes was especially in LOVE with her and cried over Emily calling Brad her “angel.”  She wasn’t boozing it up with her the way she was with Chanty, so she didn’t have the beer goggles on.


Sharks Attack

Chantal and Brad enjoyed a romantic boat ride, watched the adorable seals play in the water…then get gobbled up by Jaws.  Heartwarming!

Brad & Chantal kept saying swimming with sharks was a metaphor for their real-life relationship.  I think it would have been more appropriate as a first date on this show.  Woulda helped Chantal get ready for lunatic Michelle, that’s for sure.

Chantal made a map of all the places they’ve been and said she’d never traveled the world for a guy and hopes never to again.  Come on, the only way that happens twice is on a reality TV show (ahem, The Bachelorette?).  She cried when he read her note professing her undying love—Brad responded with “that’s so sweet.”  Not a good sign.


The Cape of Good Hope(s dashed!)

Emily was rocking teeny-tiny mini dress which was billowing in the wind.  I’m sure they had to edit out a lot of wardrobe malfunctions.   The wind blew her hair like crazy while they were sitting on the rock. I was impressed she could get the knots out by night portion of the date.  Someone tell me what conditioner she uses! 

They went Cape of Good Hope and Brad made sure Emily knew how much his family was in love with her.  Unfortunately, Emily was freaking out the entire date and things got a little tense.

Brad gave the sweetest speech about not wanting to be a stepfather, but a father, and asked her permission to be that for her daughter.  Instead of falling for his poetry, she questioned his intentions and things got awkward. 

She kept repeating it’s “not always fun” being a parent, and he had to towel the sweat off his brow.  He felt like he told her one of the most important and sincere things ever, and she shot him right out of the water.  She is one guarded chica.


The Final Rose

Brad had a “When ya know, ya know” moment and knew he was absolutely in love…just in time for Neil Lane to show up with a case full of rings. I liked his choice, but I’d like to see the price tag!

It was actually painful listening to Chantal’s voiceover talking about fairy tales and happy endings, right before she got kicked to the curb with her feathers and prom hair. I don’t think hearing, “I have stronger feelings for someone else” was very comforting. However, Brad wiped her tears and was way more compassionate with his break ups this time.

When it was time to face Emily, Brad was adorable talking about how he was ready to stumble and stammer through his stupid proposal speech. She looked totally freaked out by his nerves, like she wasn’t sure how it was going to end. He didn’t play the “but…” game with her, which I can respect.

For some unknown reason, Emily decided to stoop to Brad’s level (literally at one point) and accept his proposal. I guess everybody got a second chance this season. Awwww.


Quotes of the Week

“That sounds like a romance movie.”-Wes Womack

“Yeah”-The Womack Brothers in every sentence

“You’re precious.”-Mama Womack

“After this, you better be putting an F***ing ring on my finger.”-Chantal

“Here’s where it gets tough.”-Brad

“Not the first time you’ve taken my breath away.”-Brad

“You’re my once in a lifetime.”-Brad

“Please give me your forever.”-Brad

Did Brad Make The Right Choice?

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