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Bachelor Jason ep 6

Updated on February 10, 2009

I love the hometown dates. It's fun to see what kind of crazy cloth these girls were cut from. This year was no disappointment (thanks Naomi's family!).

I'm kind of glad they showed clips of them getting out of the limo from the first episode, but the recaps were a little too long. It's funny to see what their original gimmicks were. However, there will be a million recaps in every episode until the end of the season. How else would they fill two-hour episodes? Oh that's right, DeAnna comes back! Can't wait...

I thought it was pretty shady when Jason said that Molly was really cool because she jumped at the chance to stay the night with him when they had the camping date. He said that showed she "trusted him." I think it showed she's easy. Not judging, just making an observation.

Jillian's hometown: Good thing they always plan an out-of-country trip every season, or the producers would have been annoyed at the extra paperwork they would have had to do to go to Canada. Maybe they would have "suggested" Jason not keep her around so long. Sigh. I can see why other people like Jillian, but I'm not president of her fan club. (It's a shame because I'm a big fan of Alanis Morissette, Seth Rogen, Dan Aykroyd and plenty of other Canadians. I could have just added her to my I-Heart-Canadians collage on my wall. Oh well.)

I don't think that I would categorize The Loch Ness Monster as a fairy tale. Mythical creatures trying to swallow me whole are not my idea of a happy ending. Jason went for the cheese factor when he said, "The winery is beautiful, but not as beautiful as Jill." And then I threw up. At first I thought Jillian's story is really sad, but I'm not sure that I would tell everyone that on TV. That's some pretty personal family business. Then her mother chimed in and felt comfortable enough to announce her issues to the world. I think that says something about their family. I don't know what since I'm not a psychologist, but it says something.

Maybe Jason and Jillian are meant to be together. She geek talks too; she was a "jumping jellybean" when he was about to meet her parents. Canadians give pre-written toasts at dinner? Fancy. Not to sound repetitive or anything, but the accents were just too much for me in this episode. At least the other girls agree with me since they apparently make fun of her too. It's funny to me when people say "the next time I get married, it will be the last time." Once again, not judging. That was awkward when Jillian's mom said it was good that Jason had a BA in psychology because it's good to have someone like that around. I was uncomfortable with that statement. On another note, her dad is a sweetheart. That's a dude I could hang out with. Granny thinks Jason is a gorgeous guy. At least she still has her vision. They must edit out Jillian's funniness because I've never seen it.

Molly's hometown: Jason loves the pick-up/twirl around hug when he first sees anyone; the girls, his kid, the mailman, Chris Harrison, etc. There's something endearing about that. If I ever find myself in Seattle, I'm going to knock on the door for my own personal pick-up/twirl around hug.

I expected Molly's family to be snobby. They are some serious country clubbers and she always talks about how their approval is important/difficult to ascertain, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was not shocked that they went to the golf course on her date. Why did Molly say she got him the "dorkiest outfit ever?" I thought khakis and a blue polo were pretty standard. I guess I'm a dork. Who knew Molly would lead me to such a self-realization? Obviously, I thought it was an understatement when she called her family "Ueber preppy." It's interesting when she talks about her stage of life and wanting to settle down, she always says "with someone" and not Jason specifically. Most of the girls on this show are in love with the idea of love, and couldn't care less who it's with. They just want to get married-like tomorrow. Nuts.

It also seems pretty common on this show that parents are surprised at how open their daughters are with their feelings. Hello! They're on TV! They have to express their feelings out loud--the home audience isn't made up of mind readers. Plus, they'd be on the first plane home if they didn't talk about their feelings every second they're in the house. It's the nature of the beast.

Molly's parents were nice, but I didn't understand the hat game. Did I miss something? I guess the producers tell each family to have some kind of shtick. More importantly, what was up with him having to draw his favorite memory of her face? He gets an "A" on that project just for understanding what that lady was talking about. Apparently, his favorite memory was that time at the rose ceremony when Molly dressed as The Joker. Let's just say, he's not an artist.

There was no dinner with Molly's family. How is he supposed to know if his future in-laws are terrible cooks that should be avoided on all major eating holidays? These are the really important issues here! I know they're on TV, but does Molly wear high heels at her parents' house every time? I think she's (undercover) high maintenance. My favorite part of this date was when Molly's dad told her not to cry in the limo. Unless she wins, it's doubtful she'll hold to that one. If she does cry, she'll definitely refer back to this conversation. Stay tuned.

Jason is a really nice, easy-going dude. Of course he fits into every family. Each family seems surprised. What kind of dirt bags do these girls usually bring home?

Naomi's hometown: I didn't like it when if she called him her "potential future husband" 400 times. Not that it needs to even be said, but her mom is a crackpot. The dove situation wasn't embarrassing-it was frightening. I fear that little kid who kept playing with the bag with the carcass is going to grow up to be a serial killer. He should not be playing with dead animals.

Naomi's dad looks like a vampire-a Jesus-lovin' vampire! I really wanted Jason to say "Yeah, I appreciate your point of view, but I'm Jewish." I don't care if it's true or not, that would have been funny. How did Hector and Joanne ever get together? I guess they just crazy-talked each other into a relationship. I didn't understand what Joanne was talking about during her psychic rant. How could he answer any question when the family was on completely different planets? There would be no way to win over both parents.

The more Naomi talked about relationships and what she's looking for, the more naïve she sounded. She's trying to fill a void in her life that her childhood left, and she's trying to force Jason into that void. He looked petrified the entire time he was there, so obviously he's not the one for her. She said the next guy she falls in love with she's going to marry. You can't make those types of bold declarations, unless you really enjoy disappointment.

Melissa's hometown: I know I'm biased, but she did the pick-up/twirl around hug the best. That's true compatibility. That girl loves some short shorts! I'm sure Jason isn't complaining, lord knows the dudes I watch the show with don't mind them. I thought her gift was really sincere. I wonder what Jason will do with it if he gets rid of her.

Now, I think there something a little strange about Melissa's family, but I can kind of see their point-of-view (or at least the great excuse she made up for them). It seems rational that they value meeting their potential son-in-law that they don't want to do it in a situation where they can't be themselves. I wonder if they heard they would have to do some crazy circus trick like hat games or dead doves and passed. Other than that, there is a weird mystery surrounding her parents. If they're local, there's no reason for her friends to not have met them. Hmmm.

Melissa dates losers! Don't worry sista, I'm there with you. Melissa's tan is so much darker than the rest of her friends; someone should inform her of the dangers of tanning beds! By the way, does she only have married friends? I dig that she's not always complaining about being the last one married.

The rest of the show inspired these little nuggets:

Where in the crap was elimination? Some random mansion in Seattle? (Excuse me sir, I was just driving by and saw you own a large house. Mind if we borrow it for a few hours?)

Molly's hair looked terrible at the rose ceremony.

It's always the best when someone swears off men after being eliminated from a reality dating show. You truly have reached rock-bottom, Naomi.

Canadian boxers = no good.

Girls to Watch:

Melissa (Poor family-less Melissa)

Needs to go home:


For Jillian
For Jillian


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    • Megavitamin profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Oh please, I didn't forget you! I just didn't want to brag. Not everyone gets to be friends with the hottest girl in North America (or in the world, but humility has always been your strong point).

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You forgot the most important Canadian, you ho-bag! I should be first on the list!

      I like Jill, but I think she'll lose out to Melissa in the final two. This season has been mucho predictable, but the girls are way hotter than usual so I guess that's ok.


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