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Bachelor in Paradise: Another Proposal in Paradise?

Updated on September 3, 2017

Taylor and Derek


Did we get another Engagement?

She started off as a person who attacked other girl's ability to have emotional intelligence and he... well no one can really remember what he did on the Bachelor franchise.

Both of them were unlikely candidates to find true love in Mexico on a beach where alcohol was abundant and the sexual tension high between both girls and guys. Especially since filming was cut to such a short period of time due to the scandal between Corinne and DeMario.

But yet, from the first episode of Paradise, they instantly connected with each other and gushed about one another. Neither wanted to find anyone in paradise so their times together were extremely emotional and heart-warming. Even during the filming break, they talked to each other and concluded that they would move on as a couple.


Trouble in Paradise

But, it wasn't all fun and easy breezy. We all saw last week the heart wrenching fight between the two about Taylor's sensitivities toward's Derek's words and thought our only couple in Paradise that had a chance was going to go south.



Their ability to overcome lead to the announcement of Derek's proposal to Taylor! We didn't think we were getting a proposal for such a short season, but we were wrong. The details? During filming of after paradise, Derek popped the question and Taylor wholeheartedly accepted. Let's hope they'll have a tropical wedding like Carly and Evan from Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Of course, wedding date has not been set, but the two were found celebrating along with the rest of the BIP cast through a sleuth of Instagram stories and status updates.

I'm happy for both of them even though I was never Taylor's biggest fan. I think Derek's made her a much better person and I even enjoy following her stories and what she's up to.

Here's to hoping they make it last forever!


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