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Bachelorette Flops

Updated on August 14, 2018
Raven B profile image

Raven is prior military of 3 years and has traveled a lot in that time including one deployment. Now a mother of one and a military spouse.

Week 1

I seriously have no idea who half of the guys that got sent home week one even are. However, we can roast them for their bios and their lame Instas.

  • Let us start with Chase. A college baseball player that went to the world series!! Okay, that's kind of awesome... However, every time this guy smiles it reminds me of a serial killer.
  • Next up is Christian, the male model that we didn't know was a male model till "The Guys Tell All" episode aired.
  • Next up is Darius. I know nothing about him except that he sports the 5 head as well as I do. You go, Darius! Straight home! The first night...
  • Grant reminds me of Brian Cranston. That is all.
  • I have nothing to say about Jake except his eyes confuse me.
  • GROCERY STORE JOE!! I don't get the hype with this guy. His accent took away from his overall cuteness.
  • Kamil is a "Social Media Participant"... Does this mean he just spends his days on Instagram?

That is all for week one!

Week 2

3 guys went home and I don't remember any of them.

  • Alex actually has a very innocent face. Kind of like a small child.
  • Rickey looks like the crimson chin from the fairly odd parents.
  • Finally, Trent looks very plane.

Week 2 I felt was very boring. Sorry, I couldn't come up with anything funnier than the crimson chin.

Week 3

  • Clay was the only guy to go home. This was the first time during this season that I felt any connection to the show. He was one of the sweetest most genuine guys! I kept screaming at the tv BECCA GO AFTER HIM!!

That is all for week 3. (cries into pillow)

Week 4

  • Seriously I disliked Christian from the beginning. Who tries to impress someone by dunking a basketball? Lame.
  • Jean Blanc... He just wanted some face time with the camera and he was willing to say whatever he thought would make that happen. Boy BYE.
  • Mike looks like the guy that shows up to high school parties to just hang out.
  • My husband saw nick and said he looks like Draco Malfoy. So every time I saw him on the screen I quoted Harry Potter.
  • I have no idea who Ryan is...

That was week 4! Now it's starting to get interesting.

Week 5

  • I'm pretty sure David has the hots for Jordan. Just kidding. He is obsessed with him though.
  • Jordan is obsessed with Jordan. He said it best when he dubbed himself the golden retriever. Very loyal! To himself.
  • John just happened to be a little too nerdy for Becca but it's okay he will always have Karen. (Planktons computer wife in Spongebob).

Week 5 is over and now its time to focus on real candidates.

Week 6

  • Chris forgot that this show wasn't all about him. He also forgot that he had to compete for Becca, not the other way around.
  • If I had to pick someone for a telenovela it would be Connor. Mr. El Suave himself.
  • So on a serious note, the producers of the Bachelorette really failed Becca in letting Lincoln on the show. Just give him a quick google and you will understand why. I'm trying to keep this lighthearted.

That was week 6 and one more step closer to what I think was the wrong choice!

Week 7

  • Not really sure why Pauly Shore, I mean Leo made it this far.
  • Wills was a hard one for me to see leave. Other than talking like he had his mouth full the whole time and looking like he was stoned, he was one of my favorites.

Week 7 is over and it's time for hometowns!

Week 8

  • The only one that went home was Colton after asking the host Chris for advice about the fantasy sweets and his ex kind of ruined his chances with Becca. Kinda jumpin the gun...

Week 8 Complied With

Week 9

  • I would like to start this by saying that Becca made a terrible mistake and Jason should have won... Jason was the best choice and that is all.

Week 9 is over and Becca ruined everything.

Week 10

  • Once again Becca made a horrible mistake and got rid of my runner-up choice. However, I really didn't like either of them. It was choosing between sid the sloth and thick neck peeked in high school guy.

Week 10 is over and Becca chose Garret. I think she will regret it later.


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