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Back To The Future Trilogy

Updated on December 1, 2013

Cast and Crew

Back To The Future Trilogy

Director Robert Zemeckis

Executive Producer Steven Spielberg

Cast Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Leah Thompson, and Thomas F Wilson

Back To The Future Trilogy Review

In 1985 Robert Zemeckis wrote and Back To the Future which was released in the summer of that year. Back To The Future stars Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, and Thomas F Wilson. The film which broke box office records, produced critical praise, and would produce two more movies released in 1989 and 1990 and as a whole produces great quality entertainment and an edge of your seat story.Michael J Fox would become a household name and an instant celebrity. The Delorean would become the next big time machine anyone would grab their hands on and the film would be qouted even till today.

Back To The Future


What can be said about this film that already hasn't been said it's a staple of 80's pop culture and and culture in general, it has been referenced in movies, games, and tv multiple times. The film has defined Robert Zemeckis's career for awhile. Back To The Future has shaped a generation of people for almost 30 years. Back To The Future opens with Marty Mcfly (Fox) who is an aspiring musician and high school. Mcfly’s dysfunctional family consists of his father George (Glover) who is harassed by his boss and high school bully Biff Tannen (Wilson) and his mother Lorraine (Thompson) who is an alcoholic
When Marty’s crazy scientist friend Doc Brown (Lloyd) invents a time machine it sends Marty back to 1955 in which he must find a way to get back to his own time and get his parents back together changing the course of his own history. Back to the future is an excellent film a classic in its own right perfectly written with witty humor and characters fully developed. Back To The Future is the perfect time travel story it doesn't waste on explaining the illogical concepts of time travel but engages itself in a complete thrilling story. The story is also welded perfectly together each plot point is important to the story and keeps you focused on the movie. The Score is amazing and even though the effects a little dated they are still good to this day. The Performances in this film is excellent each actor is believable and brilliant adding to the layer of story and comedy. Michael J Fox which previously was the star of Family Ties Another 80's tv classic shines beautifully in 1980s pop culture. Michael J Fox's Character is an everyday hero who has average teenage problems and more, he is constantly up against people twice his size and many obstacles come his way such as figuring how to get back to his own time. Mcfly's wit and humur is what sells alot of this film and scenes with are always entertaining. Christopher Lloyd a veteran actor gives a top notch performance as the lovable Doc Brown, he is the wiser and eccentric of the cast and Thomas F Wilson performance as Biff will go down as one of the best on screen antagonists. The Only downside is its taboo subplot which is odd at first but disturbing on a different level but beside the point Back To The Future is a timeless family movie, a blend of Science Fiction and Comedy which can be watched multiple times.

Back To The Future Part Two


In terms of sequels there are two results, either the sequel is subpar or almost on the same level as the original, rarely does it surpass the original on every. Back To The Future Part 2 falls in the latter of the two reaching the same level of entertainment as the first film. Zemeckis returned to direct the sequel as he had did in the original but none of the freshness of the original returns. The film is mostly comprised of the same cast, (Wilson opted out of the sequels) part two opens off where the first one ended as Marty, his girlfriend, and Doc, travel to the future (the year 2015) to prevent Marty’s son from making a mistake while there Biff in his aging years steals the time machine, also steals an almanac which Marty buys and gives back to his younger self in 1955 to change the course of history to his own will which creates a corrupted alternative timeline. Now doc and Marty must fix the timeline which leaves the film in a fantastic cliffhanger that rivals the end of the original. This Movie features the same top notch performance with actors playing there younger and older self especially Michael J Fox, a musical score as in the previous one, set pieces, a cameo of Elijah Wood who would go on to star in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, and locations such as the environment of 2015 which displays a fantastic retro future of clothes, holograms, and hoverboards. The environment of alternate 1985 is a must see it's an analogy of Mad Max Meets Back To The Future and it's always fun to travel back to 1955 to see how every character would interact with each other. The story is amazing if only they would explore other timelines and the time travel element is played heavily and perfectly paced, the only problem is the story is too convoluted and nowhere near the epic pace or the grandeur of the original. It retreads on certain plot points and settings of the original but creating a story on its own that is engaging to warrant this sequel to be great not on the same level of the original but still a timeless excellent sequel that is referenced much like the original, a must see for anybody who loves the original.

Back to the future Part Three


The phrase third is a charm rarely applies to trilogies and Back to the future three is a perfect example of an average but fitting end to a trilogy. While remaining at the awe inspiring end of part two Marty travels back to the 1885 to the Wild West to rescue the doc and return back home. This story features the same performance that doesn’t disappoint and is engaging in its own right. If Only the western theme while is fun but runs heavily in this movie was toned down a bit we would get a more solid movie. Gone is the time travel element and is replaced by the same element of the original which basically plagues part three. Part three is too much like the original with being stuck in one timeline and desperately trying to get back to 1985. None of the antagonists such as Wilson's protroyal as Mad Dog Tannen while good isn't as threatening in the previous two movies and the message while noteworthy contradicts the original. This is by far the weakest of the trilogy nothing else can said that already has been told about this movie, that makes anyone wonder why the trilogy ended on this note, but still a must see and a fitting conclusion.

Michael J Fox (right) Christopher Lloyd (left) Back to the future
Michael J Fox (right) Christopher Lloyd (left) Back to the future
marty and doc brown back to the future part 2
marty and doc brown back to the future part 2
Back to the future part 3
Back to the future part 3

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Facts about the trilogy

  • All three films combined have grossed a total of $957,587,347 worldwide
  • Steven Spielberg served as executive producer for all three films
  • Crispin glover opted out the sequels for reasons due to money

Back To The Future Rating

5 stars for Back To The Future Trilogy

© 2013 D'Angel Correa


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