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Bad Trip

Updated on March 24, 2013

Bad Trip

Lori is at the airport with her family and they are in Russia. She sees Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder having a fight and she wants to meet them but can't. She just observes and thinks of ways to help them. When she approaches them, Ian checks her out making Nina jealous. They get into an argument and Lori slaps Nina then Nina punches Lori but misses. Lori's dad comes and breaks it up. While she walks away, she sees them kiss and make up. They leave Russia and arrive in Pennsylvania. While she is putting her bags in the car, she gets distracted and walks to the store and her family leaves and does not come back. Lori starts to cry because they lived two hours away and she left all her stuff in the car. She decided to walk and as she was walking, there is a stadium and a gap over water. People are jumping over the water trying to get to the other side. It is the shortest way home, but she is not trying to risk her life so she tries to find other ways to get home. Her family finally find her but it is in the middle of the night and she is so pissed off. She almost got into a stranger's car and he had some weird tool for cutting trees or so he said. Thank God she says that she is alive and her family remembered her. She has learned not to try to hit on Ian Somerhalder again.


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 5 years ago

      LOL. It was from a dream that I had so I thought I would make it into a short story.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 5 years ago from The Garden State


      Seriously, I have no idea what this hub is about.