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Badass Detectives: The 10 Most Distinctive And Toughest Anime Male Detectives

Updated on April 20, 2018
Xhyniie profile image

Xhyniie is a J-pop lover and a fan of Arashi! She also loves anime like Code Breaker, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, and Attack on Titan.

The badass: they are the characters who show serenity, toughness, confidence, power and are the epitome of a true leader who strive to surpass in the anime and manga world. But have you ever asked yourself about these questions... What is the true meaning of a badass? How do we consider these anime characters as badass? Is it because they are the brilliant heroes who protect the anime and manga world? Well, if you type the world badass and click search, you will find different meanings that are actually of the same thought.

Badass can also be a real-life person. And since we are talking about the anime world therefore there will be no human being on this list. There are protagonists in anime that are really badass such as Luffy of One Piece. Yeah, of course he is the very famous character in both anime and manga. But in this hub, we will be talking about the 10 Most Badass Anime Male Detectives so Luffy is excluded. Finally, here is my list of the badass anime male detectives. Check out now!

10. Renjo Kyu

Detective Academy Q/ Tantei Gakuen Q

Renjo Kyu
Renjo Kyu

Why Renjo Kyu is a badass detective?

Though Renjo Kyu is not as cool as other anime detectives but he is a person who has a decent feeling of judgment with respect to individuals (when everybody questioned Ryu, he communicated his open gratefulness for him) however frequently says things that for the most part madden some of his companions around him (coming about of either Megumi or Kinta pounding him).

Despite the fact that he acts this way, but deep inside he nurtures his companions. Renjo Kyu believes in a motto that "A Detective must never give up or the case will remain unsolved" which is taught by Morihiko Dan.

9. Neuro Nougami

Neuro: Supernatural Detective

Neuro Nougami
Neuro Nougami

Why Neuro Nougami is a badass detective?

Neuro Nougami is an evil detective who actually comes from hell with the motivation behind looking for a definitive riddle in the Human World. Neuro is generally a conceited, vicious and haughty character, regularly concentrating on getting the secret as brisk conceivable.

As a demon, Neuro sees little on human sentiments and is normally uninterested in the offenders' intentions; however this turns into one of his shortcomings in the HAL arc. Neuro additionally confers blackmail and control to accomplish his objectives. He sees most people as negligible nourishment sources amid the start of the anime notwithstanding demonstrating a little scorn for people if not irritated.

8. Hiroshi Inaba

Cuticle Detective Inaba

Hiroshi Inaba
Hiroshi Inaba

Why Hiroshi Inaba is a badass detective?

Hiroshi Inaba is known for being an inane detective, extremely extrovert in his feelings, which regularly prompts entertaining circumstances. However, he is difficult to manage, on the grounds that it is hard to arrange and work with him. The main individual to remotely keep Hiroshi under control is his previous police accomplice, Ogino.

7. Yakumo Saitou

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Saito Yakumo
Saito Yakumo

Saitou Yakumo is a detective whose left eye is color red and who acts as stranger towards other people and treats them coldly. In addition, Yakumo does not think about what other people thinks. However, he has a kind heart and will help whomever comes to approach him for help.

Throughout the show, he was described to be profoundly astute, attentive, and intelligent who frequently solves mysteries before the police arrive at the scene. Yakumo is extraordinarily monitored with his sentiments and is near to not very many individuals: Haruka, Gotou, his uncle Isshin, and his younger cousin Nao; whom he treats with outstanding thoughtfulness and tenderness. Yakumo is willing to go at awesome lengths for these individuals and danger his life to spare them.

6. Shinjuurou Yuuki


Why Shinjuurou Yuuki is a badass detective?

Shinjuurou Yuuki is a detective who has brisk reflexes and uncommon deductive forces, which gain him due admiration from the Joint Coordinating Department and the police.

Frequently, he is a sober who looks attentively at investigating with earnest intent. While he has a tendency to be discourteous and effectively irritated, he does demonstrate a kind side to anybody he meets. He's exceptionally clever and meticulous, being helpful for him to gather any vital data for his investigations.

5. Ken Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki

Why Ken Kaneki is a badass detective?

Ken Kaneki is a detective from the anime Tokyo Ghoul who is known for being lenient and optimistic at first. He begins off as powerless and not used to battles, with a weak body that has neither muscles nor adaptability. In addition, he has poor reflexes, mirroring his frightful athletic aptitudes when he was already human.

Regardless of this, he is indicated to be exceptionally versatile and a speedy learner. He is exceptionally savvy having the capacity of learning combative technique in a brief time of time through martial art books from the guidance of Touka and Yomo, making him an able contender over the normal level. Kaneki is likewise known for his strategies, his knowledge and his improvisational capacities permit him to test enemies significantly more capable than himself.

4. Nobuchika Ginoza


Nobuchika Ginoza
Nobuchika Ginoza

Why Nobuchika Ginoza is a badass detective?

Nobuchika Ginoza is another detective from Division 1 (from being an inspector he turns into an enforcer). This tall young man with a jaw length dark hair and green eyes is a credible senior officer who is capable for adjusting the prerequisites of the Chief and working adequately with Division 1's work force.

He is a keen onlooker of human conduct and an incredible analyst, but since he depends on information more than instinct, he appears to be very strict in terms of his work. To keep up his distance, hence, he treats the Enforcers like "dogs" ‒ as they are called ‒ with him as their "shepherd" ‒ as Inspectors are called.

3. Shinya Kogami


Shinya Kougami
Shinya Kougami

Why Shinya Kogami is a badass detective?

Shinya Kogami works as an inspector before being tagged as a latent criminal. His psycho-pass shows that he has a high criminal mentality however because of his excellent ability as a detective; he was release under the condition that he will become as an enforcer.

He is known for his ability in solving cases quickly and is described as an exceptionally skilled detective making him a significant asset to Division 1, to which he was assigned. As a detective, he keeps a level head and doesn't let feelings cloud his judgment, regardless of what circumstance he's in. His technique of managing investigations makes even the best Enforcers awed and dismayed, as he mostly uses dangerous strategies to unravel them.

2. Hei

Darker Than Black


Why Hei is a badass detective?

This young man with a black hair and dark blue eyes is a detective from the anime Darker Than Black. Hei is known for his ability to produce electricity in a deadly concentration. Throughout the show, it was revealed that Hei inherited his abilities from his sister Bai. Moreover, he is known for his trademark weapon, a double-bladed knife that is tied to a metal wire. He uses it as a hostile weapon, a catching snare, and a power conveyor.

It’s not only that because he is additionally skilled in martial arts and is a refined acrobat who is easily able to do backflips and mid-air cartwheels exerting a little effort regarding of physical strain. His natural abilities are so impressive to the point that even without his contractor powers Hei is effortlessly ready to take on other contractors.

1. L

Death Note


Why L is a badass detective?

The most famous badass detective in the anime world (also in manga world) is this slim, tall, young man who is also very mysterious and communicates only with his assistant, Watari. We all know that L never shows his face to the world instead he represents himself with the use of the capital letter L which is drawn in "Old English MT" or "Cloister Black" typeface.

He is the smartest detective I’ve known but L’s rumpled and drowsy appearance mask his terrific forces of assumption and numerous inquiry his capacities after review him . He is known for being careful, accurate on his judgment and analytical detective. In addition, L has a very good ability in deceiving his enemy and is very eager to take serious measures just to solve a case. In spite of the fact that L frequently behave to be polite, to some, he can be completely rude and aloof at times.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      where is conan?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Kougami is definitely my favourite here (and my favourite in general).

      I think Kudou Shinichi from Detective Conan should be on this list, he is exceptionally smart and very quick on his feet. If there were ever an over-powered detective with no superhuman powers involved, made with the prowess of detective instinct and deductive skills, in my opinion Shinichi takes the cake!

      Great list!

    • Christy Kirwan profile image

      Christy Kirwan 

      5 years ago from San Francisco

      I think my favorite is Shido Tatsuhiko from Nightwalker. :)


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