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Bag of Bones TV Movie by Stephen King - A Review by InkyBlueMind

Updated on May 18, 2014

Writing Credits

Stephen King
Both episodes
Matt Venne
Both episodes

Main Cast

Pierce Brosnan
Mike Noonan
Melissa George
Mattie Devore
Annabeth Gish
Jo Noonan
Anika Noni Rose
Sara Tidwell
Matt Frewer
Sid Noonan
Jason Priestley
Caitlin Carmichael
Kyra Devore
Peter MacNeill
Bill Dean
William Schallert
Max Devore
Deborah Grover
Rogette Whitmore
Cienna Prendergast
Kisha Tidwell
Gary Levert
Deputy George Footman


Bag of Bones, adaptation of Stephen King's Novel into a TV Mini Series - A Review by InkyBlueMind

For myself, most of the time, book adaptations into either movies or TV Movies or a series can be hit or miss for me, I either love them or hate them and in this instance, having not read the book yet (it is on my list) I actually really liked the movie and the fact that Stephen King helped adapt it to screenplay is a plus in my book, whether this changes once I have read the book I will let you know.

We start off, Mike Noonan, a best selling author is finishing his latest best seller and as per tradition, his wife types the last lines of his book for him and I'm not sure if fooling around on his desk is a follow up usually or just an added bonus but hey, good for them.

We delve quite quickly into the rest of the story, which I like, there is nothing I detest more in a movie than a slow build up... if I'm literally sitting there twiddling my fingers waiting for something to happen, you're not gonna win many points with me (hear that Hobbit Extended Edition - I literally cheered when Bilbo Baggin's ran out of his house 40 minutes into the movie!) Anyway, not talking about that here but will review later on down the line.

So where were we? Oh yeah, book signing on the latest finished best seller that they just boinked over and again no complaints from me on that part.

Jo tells Mike she is off to get lunch, nothing out of the ordinary, she kisses his cheek and leaves him to the massive long line of adoring fans while she pops across the road and buys a pregnancy test - importance to come - where she crosses the road not paying any attention (as one does on a really busy road, seriously Jo) and promptly gets hit by a bus. Squishy, a little gory scene where Mike instantly knows something is wrong and rushes out and finds his dying wife. Cue emotionally distraught dramatic scene that Pierce Brosnan pulls off amazingly... Annabeth Gish's dying is alright too.

Jo - here today...

Before | Source
After - oh no, she's dead!
After - oh no, she's dead! | Source

What's next?

So, after the funeral, Mike is approached by his publisher, Marty, played by Jason Priestley, who begs him to write another book because a couple of other famous authors are releasing books at the wrong time of the year. He produces an old book, that he never intended to reach the light of day and Marty pushes him to write another.

No matter how many times he sits down to write, he is met with a taunting blank page that refuses to produce anything, leading to some heavy drinking, some bizarre events that he is convinced Jo is trying to contact him (which she is but that's not the point) and some spooky nightmares later and after talking to his brother, he decides to go to their Grandfather's cabin in a lovely little place called Darkscore Lake.

Lets go!


Darkscore Lake

So after we get drunk with the brother, confess Jo was pregnant, reveals that they weren't able to conceive so was very confused, is almost convinced Jo was having an affair so heads to the lake house where Jo spent a lot of time, this is where we first meet Kyra walking down the middle of the street where he almost hits her (I wonder if she was hurt in the book or if this even happened etc. just mainly because he was nowhere near her at the time in the movie) also coinciding the fact that this kid was in his dream etc. and then we meet Mattie, played by the lovely Melissa George.

Don't jaywalk and oh my famous writer!

Ohhh I'm totally crushing on you right now :P
Ohhh I'm totally crushing on you right now :P | Source

Can you hear me?

So after unintentionally getting involved in Mattie and Kyra Devore's lives, much to Noonan's dismay, he realizes that Max Devore and his girlfriend or wife whatever the hell she is, are absolutely freaking nut jobs and not entirely sure they're not devil worshipers but anywho.

Slowly he starts to realize that Jo is trying to contact him from beyond the grave, as well as the artist Sara Tidwell and she isn't so nice, but after you find out her story you understand why.

As for Jo, she insistently tries to get Mike to help Mattie, insert a lot of creepy messages followed by King's obligatory dead person kissing scene and follow Mike as he tries to figure out what is going on. There is a legend and a "Darkscore crazy" which you don't want to be called because it means drowning your children somewhere to appease a dead woman.

Hi Mike! How ya doing? Miss me?
Hi Mike! How ya doing? Miss me? | Source
Sara the dead lady Tidwell
Sara the dead lady Tidwell | Source

To Conclude

I overall really enjoyed this movie, its a classic King story, I can't comment whether it sticks to the book as I haven't read it but the fact that King himself actually helped write the screenplay, I would guess so but I could be wrong.

The darkness aspect was great, a lot of gore, awesome special effects make up for the dead people, a great story, average to awesome acting and great cinematography. Something I'd definitely watch again.

What did you think?

What did you think of Stephen King's, Bag of Bones, TV Movie adaptation?

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My Rating:

3 stars for Bag of Bones, TV Movie


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    • InkyBlueMind profile image

      Jo B 3 years ago from USA

      Hezekiah, it was interesting, I've seen a few others of his and prefer his TV movie series of The Shining as opposed to the universally more well known with Jack Nicholson. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of his other movie adaptations. :)

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan

      Never heard of this one, looks interesting.