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Balancing Act Cristin Sandu - Audition and Predictions For The 7th Season of America's Got Talent

Updated on May 17, 2012

Cristin Sandu comes from a family of Russian circus performers. He did a pretty talented balancing act in his San Francisco audition for America's Got Talent. Judge Howie Mandel thought it showed talent but said NO because of the slow pace of the act. Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne both said YES and sent him to the Las Vegas round, saying that they wanted to see what else he could do.


Like all other circus-like acts, it is easy to predict that Cristin Sandu won't win even if he does get through to the live voting rounds. Howie is exactly right. Only certain kinds of talent excel on AGT. A balancing act is not one of those skill sets that motivates the fans to vote. Even if it is impressive, the pace of these kinds of acts leaves the watcher bored. Howard said it was exciting, but history shows that the voting crowd at home does not feel the same.

If Cristin Sandu gets through to the voting rounds, he will just do another balancing act with the same slow pace. It will be talented, and people will cheer in the audience and at home Then, when it comes time to pick up the phone and vote, crickets will be chirping. Voters are going to go for something that displays talent but is also more like a show. Like so many dancing acts, Cristin's thing is really just an exhibition or side show, not a main attraction. I predict any circus act is going to have a hard time winning unless there is a way to make it exciting from start to finish. Because the pace of a balancing act is too slow, Cristin Sandu will not win America's Got Talent 7.


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