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Balkan Music - Latest Songs

Updated on March 15, 2014

Here you will find best latest Balkan songs with biographies of their authors. Also a brief information about Balkan Peninsula will be presented. Balkan music is not widely known because not everybody understands lyrics. They are usually in Serbian, Croatian and other regional languages. Anyway complex rhythm of this music is fascinating. Balkan music is sorted in the category of Southeastern Europe Music. This type of music is distinct from others in Europe because it is influenced by traditional music of Southeastern European ethnic groups.

So where is Balkan?

Balkan is historical, political and geographical name which describes southeastern Europe. This is area of 550.000 square kilometers and 53 million of population. It is named by mountain range in Bulgaria, but politically name Balkan indicates whole Balkan Peninsula which is surrounded by Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean and Black sea.

Countries which form Balkan are:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bolgaria
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Monte Negro
  • Romania
  • European part of Turkey

Big part of Balkan Peninsula has consisted of Yugoslavia until year 1991. After that multiple civil wars emerged and Yugoslavia fall apart. Today Balkan Peninsula consists from above mentioned sovereign states. In these states Balkan music is widely known and is referred mainly as music from ex Yugoslav states. These states are Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Which are authors and best Balkan songs? Read further.

Where is balkan?

Svetlana Raznatovic

Svetlana Raznatovic is a Serbian pop singer. She is known by the nickname Ceca. She is often referred as the most important representative of Balkan music.

She was born on 14th of June 1973 in Prokuplje, Serbia. She has been professional singer from year 1987. Since then she has published 14 albums and sold dozen of millions of her albums. In year 1991 she finished her first European tour. Later she had 7 tours, one even in Australia. In Sidney, Australia, 12000 people came to her concert. In personal life she married Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan in year 1995, who was known as war criminal. She has 2 children and today she is owner of football club and music studio.

Watch and listen Ceca - Rasulo (Chaos) 2012 music video


Ceca's year 2000 album


Severina Vuckovic

Severina Vuckovic, more known only by her name Severina is a popular Croatian singer. She is known as one of the biggest pop icons on the territory of ex Yugoslavia.
Severina was born on 21st of April 1972 in Split, Croatia. She has been professional singer since year 1990. She has published 13 albums and became the most popular Croatian singer in year 2002 with tour "Virujen u the" (I believe in you). In her career life she is also a model and actor. She has born her first child in year 2012. Father of child is a Serbian businessman Milan Popovic. Later that year she published her latest album "Dobrodosao u klub" (Welcome to the club).

Watch and listen Severina - Italiana (Italian) 2012 music video

Radojka Adzic

Radojka Adzic better known by her stage name Dara Bubamara is popular pop-folk singer. She was born on 21st of May 1976 in Novi Sad, Serbia. She has been professional singer since 1993. The breakthrough in her career happened in year 2007 with her album "Dodirni me" (Touch me). She is married to Milan Kesic who she met in Paris.

Watch and listen Dara Bubamara - Galama (Noise) 2011 music video

Dara 2013
Dara 2013

Buy Dara's 2013 album


Jelena Rozga

Jelena Rozga was born on 23th of August in year 1977 in Split, Croatia. She is popular pop singer. In her childhood she danced ballet and later in 1996 she started music career. She was singer in popular Croatian band named Magazin. In year 2006 she started solo career. Breakthrough in career happened in year 2010 with song "Bizuterija" (Jewelry).

Watch and listen Jelena Rozga - Bizuterija (Jewelry) 2010 music video

Ivana Selakov

Ivana was born on 8th of November 1978 in Belgrade, Serbia. She has grown up in Sombor where she finished elementary and high school. Then she studied vocal on academy of art. She was member of group Beauty Queens. She started solo career in year 2009 and she published her first album in 2010 named "Uradi mi to" (Do me that). Today she is a popular Serbian singer.

Watch and listen Ivana Selakov - Nase Malo Slavlje (Our little celebration) 2011 music video

Ivana Selakov
Ivana Selakov

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