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Band Of Brothers (2001) - TV Series Reviews

Updated on May 31, 2014
Promotional Cover - Band of Brothers (2001)
Promotional Cover - Band of Brothers (2001) | Source


IMDb rating : 9.6 / 10 rating : 8.8 / 10

How many episodes ?

The series consists of one season, featuring 10 episodes of around 1 hour 15 minutes each.

About the story :

Band of brothers is a story set up in the World War II era. The story starts with the U.S. army recruiting soldiers from all parts of America to serve in the army. People of all age groups, whether they be college freshmen or their fathers, had to contribute to the U.S.struggle against the great Hitler. The story focuses primarily on the Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division. These people had to go through one of the most rigorous training processes under captain Sobel, played by David Schwimmer. Hard and structured training process separated the East Company from the other divisions. Though the East Company was considered the best company among all divisions, the story portrays the amount of hard work and dedication it took the company members to reach the elite position they're in. Emphasis has been put on the ignorance of the new recruits about the opponents. They came to know about their enemy, Germany long after they were dispatched for Europe.

After they reach Europe, things change a lot. The happy and merry guys of the East Company get a flavor of the war, which transforms them a lot. Even though all the episodes focus more on the war strategy implementation in Europe, the director has taken ample time to show the viewers an insider's perspective of the war.

Wins & Nominations

The single season of 'Band of Brothers 'won the Golden Globe for the best mini-TV series, 23 wins, 20 nominations and numerous other wins.

The story (continued)

The US lost a significant fraction of men while trying to airdrop in Europe. They had to face steep opposition at various places as they tried to zero in on Germany. The Company men kept losing very close men from time to time. These events changed men from weak hearted to strong ones, from cruel officials to timid crybabies. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the destruction and loss of close ones implanted a deep wound into the hearts of most of the men. But there were positive moments as well. The East Company members got friends who would guard each other with their lives, not because they had to, but because they wanted to. Some troops such as the East Company witnesses the rise of very able commanders who could steer the company right through tough situations.
The TV series ends with the East Company capturing Berlin, the epicenter of Hitler's operations. And the war ended with the Company capturing the Eagle's Nest, the symbol of the Nazi Germany's power and pride.

Trailer: Band Of Brothers

Still from Band of Brothers (2001)
Still from Band of Brothers (2001) | Source

My suggestion :


Reviews :

This movie was a journey right from the beginning. The director has been very rightly able to connect with the viewers, which I feel is the most important attribute in any TV series, mainly because every episode starts with war veterans sharing real life instances from the World War II.The plot brings out a careful balance between strategy implementation in the war scenario and existing human feelings. Most cases portray how a soldier would compromise the latter to contribute to his country's expectations. Politics, as usual plays an important role and the story shows how the internal politics altered the course of the Easy Company. On case to case basis, the message that 'strong determination can win any battle, large or small' has been ranted out again and again.
The writer also emphasizes on the way a war changes human beings. There's a limit to which one can face grief. What happens after the grief level goes more than this can be aptly observed here.
The story talks about the emotional turmoil of the Company men as well. The recruits had to stay away from their family for years and wage a war against death everyday. They had to destroy other families in order to save their own.

The Nazi exploitation of the Jews and the discovery of the inhuman practices is by far, the most sentimental occasion on the show.

Being one of the highest rated TV series till date, this series has certainly lived up to the expectations. Flaws are hard to find. A must watch for all those to wish to revisit history in an unseen way, Definitely not advisable for men with weak hearts. We'll find occasionally men blowing up to pieces. But violence is a part of the past which stands tall not long behind us.
In a nutshell, this series has presented one of the best thriller, drama and based based story I have encountered.

Will you watch the series after reading the reviews ?

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The original East Company on the the series - 'Band of Brothers' is based
The original East Company on the the series - 'Band of Brothers' is based | Source

Prominent Cast and Crew

Acting as
Damien Lewis
Maj. Richard D. Winters
Donnie Wahlberg
Carwood Lipton
Ron Livingston
Lewis Nixon
David Schwimmer
Lieutenant Colonel Herbert M. Sobel Sr.
Tom Hardy
Pfc. John Janovec
Michael Fassbender
Burton Christenson
Scott Grimes
Donald Malarkey
Matthew Settle
Ronald Spiers
Rick Gomez
George Luz


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