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Band Review: ALL CAPS

Updated on October 5, 2010

Are you looking for some new, fresh music? If you like techno music, original lyrics, cute themes, and a danceable beat I may have a found a band for you.

I have come across a band that is pretty new. Their name is ALL CAPS and it is comprised of Luke Conrad (member of Ministry of Magic) and Kristina Horner (member of The Parselmouths). Both had been in wizard rock bands prior to this project, but ALL CAPS is a new idea, that isn't limited by music about Harry Potter. Their music is based on "nerdy themes" but have a great techno beat. Songs are about love, "the office", zombies, childhood, and other random things. Listening to them always puts me in a good mood and often makes me want to dance.

Their record label is DFTBA records, a company that works to give labels to Youtube musicians. ALL CAPS, like all of DFTBA artists, started out in Youtube. In fact, their first album was written over email. ALL CAPS has released two albums, Songs in the Key of Email and Bmin/E. You can listen to all their music free on their website listed below. The past summer they went on tour and clips from their live shows can be found on Youtube.

I highly recommend you check them out. There is a good chance to you will relate to at least one of the songs. I particularly like Summer of '09, a song that fully describes the novelty and beauty of young love. Another popular song is Don't Unplug Me, a song about two robots in love.

I think what makes them particularly good is relating odd subjects to regular life. While many people may not have had a boyfriend that was obsessed with World of Warcraft, they may have had one who only watched football or who reads too much.

ALL CAPS everything there is about being a youth and is just a reminder of good times. You simply won't be disappointed by their music. Listening to one of their songs is like getting your daily dose of happiness. You should go to their website, listen to their music, smile, do a happy dance, download or buy a physical copy of one of their albums, do another happy dance, and tell your friends. ALL CAPS is a wonderful band, that I feel should be shared with everyone.


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    • Amber Colleen profile image

      Amber Colleen 6 years ago

      Yay for DFTBA records!!!

    • soccerpig73 profile image

      soccerpig73 7 years ago

      Thanks, I edited it and will remember that in the future.

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Great hub - only one suggestion - write at least 400 words and you will get higher rating.