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Band of Brothers TV Series Review

Updated on April 6, 2021
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

"Band of Brothers" blu-ray official cover art.
"Band of Brothers" blu-ray official cover art. | Source

Quick Info

Director: Various
Studio: HBO Home Video
Released: October 21, 2014, for blu-ray
Total Episode Count: 10
Runtime: 705 Minutes
Availability: On Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital, streaming on HBOMax

Story Summary

Band of Brothers follows the exploits of Easy Company, 506th Regiment, of the 101st Airborne during World War II. It shows the major events of World War II from their point of view and how they fought and died during the war.

The show also has interviews with the soldiers before the episode starts so that's an interesting aspect of the HBO miniseries.

Unlike a lot of media set in World War II, this is based on real-life events and not a fictional story set in World War II.

The Action Is Great

This series is a masterpiece; it’s one of those shows that you’ll remember for a long, long time. It’s a grand undertaking with scenes that are even better than Saving Private Ryan. It's very intense and the visual effects are very well done.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It's a very well-done TV miniseries. The visual effects look amazing and the production value was excellent.

The Story Is Interesting

There are your typical miniseries, and then there are extraordinary miniseries. Band of Brothers falls under the category of extraordinary. Band of Brothers recounts the exploits of Easy Company, 506th Regiment, of the 101st Airborne Division who parachuted into Normandy on D-Day in 1944.

I think that the story was very interesting because it's based on what really happened. Some things may be exaggerated to be more dramatic but it's a very interesting and entertaining way to view history like what happened in World War II

The Actors Before They Became Famous

The actors are all very good. THey all did excellent jobs. This miniseries had famous actors before they were really famous, like Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and many others. I realy enjoyed the miniseries because it had such great actors in it.

The Interviews Make the Series Better

The story is amazing and the fact that they interview the survivors before the beginning of the episodes is really special, but they don’t tell you who they are until Episode 10, the last episode of the series. It’s interesting to hear their point of view too.

I just think it's great that they interviewed the survivors because it's not just another fictional World War II movie, this is about real people, and seeing them interviewed, talking about their experiences, makes each episode real for the viewers.

They also didn't reveal who was being interviewed until the last episode, which was really neat because they tell their stories and it keeps the miniseries interesting without you becoming distracted by who is being interviewed on screen.

The Soundtrack Is Good

Michael Kamen composed the soundtrack and it was a good soundtrack but I don't remember it. That doesn't mean it was bad but it wasn't that memorable to me. It was still a good soundtrack that was good for the miniseries.

The Miniseries Honors Our Military

Still, this is a great miniseries and I think as someone who has family who served in the military (he's retired from the military now+), this does our soldiers proud by showing their heroic sacrifices and what they did for this company. I think sometimes we forget that war is horrible and that good people die in wars. World War II was especially atrocious and Band of Brothers shows us that Easy Company gave it all they had and that they sacrificed a lot so the Axis powers wouldn’t be victorious in Europe.

Parental Advisory

However, as a warning to parents, Band of Brothers is not a show for children. It has coarse language, so much language that the veterans themselves commented that they over did it. The violence is realistic and graphic and there’s a high body count. There’s also a sex scene in one of the later episodes, but its’ very brief.

Band of Brothers Official Trailer

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Historical Inaccuracies

As a note about historical accuracy, it is pretty accurate, but some things were changed for artistic purposes, but when it comes to the war, they got that right. Hollywood has never been completely historically accurate whenever they make historical period pieces so there will always be some historical inaccuracies in anything produced by Hollywood.


It's a Great Miniseries About World War II

Overall, I highly recommend this series to the adult crowd who want a good historical drama miniseries. Band Of Brothers is the best miniseries I’ve seen in a while.

It's well worth the time to watch it, it's very well done and it kept me wanting to see what would happen next, and it makes me appreciate the finest generation and everything they sacrificed so that we could have the life we had today, there's a reason they're called "the finest generation, and you can see it in this miniseries.

Quick Thoughts

What Works:
What Doesn't Work:
Realistic portrayal of war
Some emebelishment for entertainment value
Excellent story, visual effects
The Interviews with survivors are interesting

Final Grade: A+

This television miniseries was amazing. It makes you appreciate everything they did to stop Hitler and the Nazis. It also accurately shows what combat is like, and how hard being deployed is for military servicemen is, no matter what time period it is.

It's an amazing series that history buffs and casual viewers alike can watch and enjoy, but it's adult entertainment and not meant for kids.

I loved that they interviewed the survivors and let them share their stories with us, even if it isn't quite historically accurate in some areas, it is certainly accurate in others. This was a fantastic series, and I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed it a lot and I hope that you'll watch it and appreciate the sacrifices of World War II veterans everywhere.

The series is available on blu-ray, DVD, and online for digital download.. It is also streaming on HBOMax and if you have a subscription to HBOMax go watch it there. It's an amazing miniseries and it's worth both your time and your money if you want.

Even though I haven't bought it, it's still an amazing miniseries that is worth a watch.

My Rating:

5 stars for Band of Brothers TV Series

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