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Bangla Natok Mohashol

Updated on October 18, 2016

Mohashol or Tor tor or Tor Putitora

Bangla Natok
Bangla Natok | Source

A drama with Mohashol fish

As we all know that the the fish is very rare and delicious and very expensive. The drama (Natok) has written based on a story with the keyword of Mohashol. Mr. Foyjur Razzak Tuhin has written and directed this TV drama (Natok). It is a comedy drama (Natok), but the writer made the script with messages for people to aware about environment disaster. It is a Picasso & Dina pictures presents and the executive director is Mr. Sazzad Khan.

Chairman capturing Mohashol fish

Jayanta Chatapadhay, Faruque Ahmed and Sheik Meraz in a Scene
Jayanta Chatapadhay, Faruque Ahmed and Sheik Meraz in a Scene | Source

Chairman is the east India company officer

East India company officer has come to Bengal king for tax of British queen
East India company officer has come to Bengal king for tax of British queen | Source

The story of the drama (Natok) Rupkatha Noy

A village called Kakrakanda, which is situated in Susang Durgapur, Netrakuna district. The village is very nearby Someshwari river. A rich man but very cruel person lives in the village Kakrakanda, who is also union council chairman. The man has set many dragging machine in the river Someswari to collect sand easily and he earn much money to sell. But water is polluting by diesel oil leaking from the dragging machine. So village people can not bath in the river and they come for bath to the Chairman pond. But the Chairman is very angry, he does not like people to come his pond.

One day, a fisherman has caught a Mohashol fish. But the greedy president of the village school committee has capture the fish showing fake laws to the illiterate fisherman. But after that the Chairman capture the fish from the president of the village school committee showing some causes.

The chairman is very happy with the Mohashol fish. Village people are coming to see the fish in his house. The chairman has created a false story that the Mohashol fish has come to him willingly and it is a sign from God. Though village people are impressed but the chairman daughter yelling his father for the false story.

At the end of the story, the fish will testes very bad, as the river water already polluted and finally no one could not eat the fish.

The moral of the story is that `never pollute nature'.

The Executive producer

Executive Producer
Executive Producer | Source

Script writer and Director

Script writer and Director
Script writer and Director | Source

Jayanta Chattapadhay, Faruque Ahmed and Sazzad khan

All are in deep trouble
All are in deep trouble | Source

Location of shooting

The drama has captured in Pubail, Gazipur on dated 28th to 29th October, 2014. The shooting house name is Hasnahena.

If it was possible to shoot the drama in the village Susang Durgapur, the production would more perfect.


Jayanta Chattapadhay
Chairman / Talukdar
Greedy Person
Faruque Ahmed
President (School Commitee)
Greedy person
Pran Ray
He loves villagers
Samima Tusti
Chairman Daughter
She is very much consus
Sazzad Khan
Came from City
Sudorshan Chakrabarty
He got Mohashol fish
Shiek Meraz
Chairman servent
He has same nature of Chairman
ABM Rashid
A wounded person
Sagor Dutta
Came to chairman pond and punished
Ashish Hajong
Came to chairman pond and punished
Fisherman grand Doughter
She is cute little kid

Pran Ray and Samima Tusty

Reju kabiraj and Parul
Reju kabiraj and Parul | Source


This drama has produced for private Television channel and will on air very soon.


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