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Bare Midriff to Visualize Rhythms - Belly Dancing

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Tricia Deed has taught dance and exercise. Loosing weight and toning muscles produces the energy and athletic bodies needed by dancers.

Belly Up And View The Mesmerizing Movements

The exposed belly or midriff is normally associated with the Turkish night club costume.
The exposed belly or midriff is normally associated with the Turkish night club costume. | Source

Belly Dance or Dance Du Venre

The French painter, Eugene Delacroix is the individual who captured a painting of a dancer with her belly exposed and it is thought that his painting had influenced the Western culture with dance du venre which means dance of the stomach.

The painting was supposedly inspired while watching women dance in a private gathering after an evening meal. This separate gathering of the women away from the men allowed the men to socialize without women being in the same room.

This after dinner social dance allowed married women to share in their dance interest. Unmarried women had the option to participate with the married women or to mingle with bachelors.

Not all women refer to this dance as belly dancing. This term is a catch-all when there is no time for an explanation or it is used as a popular common description. They may choose to select other names which identify the dance style.

Other names include Raks Sharki, Middle Eastern Dancing, Egyptian, Ghawazi, Turkish, Orientale, Lebanese, Moroccan, American Tribal Style Belly Dancing, Gypsy fusion, Tribal fusion, Romani Turkish, and Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dancing, and ethnic dancing. The words cabaret, tribal, and ethnic like the word belly dancing may be used when not being specific.

Belly dancing has been culturally crossed over by many other styles of dancing. It appears that every country which has taken an interest in this dance has also included their cultural style into the mix.

Dance Instructors

Selecting an instructor can be confusing. I personally think one of the best ways to locate an instructor is to attend seminars, public performances, and festivals and see the students and instructors in action.

Taking classes in seminars with respected and knowledgeable instructors will help you to know what style you are pursuing. The style and the costumes have much to do with your selection. There are many different styles which have costumes that cover the body and are colorful, modest, and feminine.

Ask a potential instructor if you may watch a class in session, take a private lesson, or sample an ongoing class before signing up to take any class.

DVDs are plentiful and many different styles can be viewed on the Internet. Watching these programs will help you to decide on an instructor.

Know Thyself

There are many falsehoods or misinformation about belly dancing, including historical data. Do much research and draw your own conclusions.
There are many falsehoods or misinformation about belly dancing, including historical data. Do much research and draw your own conclusions. | Source

Misguided Thinking Or Incorrect Information

These dances do not lead an individual into sin and wickedness as they are complex and require study and practice to become a good dancer.

  1. These dances are excellent for exercising to reduce belly fat and tone muscles.
  2. This dance requires learning how to control the individual muscles of your body while performing isolation movements.
  3. You are always in control of how your body is moving. You control every thought, gesture, undulation, isolation, shimmy, and all other movements.

The Belly Roll

Belly rolls may or may not reduce the abdominal area. Some women do lose the fatty tissue and others may not.
Belly rolls may or may not reduce the abdominal area. Some women do lose the fatty tissue and others may not. | Source

How To Do A Belly Roll

Doing this movement will help you to realize how disciplined and focused the dancer must be in order to accomplish this isolated movement. This is an excellent movement to exercise your intestines and relieve constipation.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and bare your abdominal area to see the movement.
  2. Warm up the abdominal area by pushing the entire abdominal area out and then pull it inward. This will be done slowly at first. As the muscles respond to your commands the pushing and pulling will get easier. Have fun with this by playing drumming music and keeping time to the beats. This movement is known as the belly pop.
  3. The belly roll itself is not really rolling; it is creating the illusion of rolling. After completing your warm-up exercises, it is time to isolate. Push out the belly or upper abdominal area while pulling in the lower abdomen or intestinal area. Then reverse by pulling in the upper abdomen, and pushing out the lower abdomen. Continue to repeat. This will take concentration, patience, practice, and time. After mastering this isolation the abdominal area will respond.

Tip: It will help your focusing by placing a finger or your hand when commanding the upper and lower abdomen. Feeling the muscle respond under your finger or hand helps to confirm that you are in the right area especially when working without a mirror.

Belly Dancer Nova - Intermediate Belly Dance Tutorials - How to

How To Do A Stomach Quiver or Flutter

Purse your lips slightly and pant like a puppy. Practice in short periods of time as you may become lightheaded. When first learning to do this cover your mouth with your hand in order to not have people see how you are doing this maneuver.

After you are able to perform this movement, remove your hand from your mouth. Some people have a problem with their nostrils flaring. If this should happen to you, notice the panting breath and control it at the point where the nostrils do not flare.

This movement is actually originating from the throat area. During the practice session you will experience very light airy sensations in the throat.

The midriff area of the costume needs to be bare in order for people to see these fluttering movements being performed. Dancers who have excellent control produce outstanding abdominal movements and may add novelty items to amaze the audience.

Dancers have folded dollar bills, flipped coins, or rolled a variety of objects to demonstrate the rolling action of the abdominal muscles, or will balance objects like the sword or the cane as an attention-grabber to acquire publicity.

Belly Movements

Are you able to control your abdominal muscles?

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