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Basett Hound walks human

Updated on January 26, 2010
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My doctor said I needed exercise and Wacker must have overheard him. He comes to me in the late afternoon and wants to take me for a walk. He won't take no for an answer so I have to attach my lead onto him and out the door we go. We take the same route everyday. Now I have a neighbor who is apparently apocalyptic. His house is surrounded by a chain link fence and he has two huge boxer mix dogs who terrorise the kids in the area by running up to the fence snarling and slobbering and gnawing at the fence. I have to admit this gives me some pause. I can see myself as a chubby chew toy for the pair, Wacker sees it as a violation to his walk. Up comes his tail and he turns facing them and stares. Out of the bowels of this short dog comes a bay that frightens me. The two dogs stop and attempt to stare back. Wacker doesn't budge. The two go to the porch and lay down. I have to coax him to move along and when he does he appears to be strutting for about a half of block. He will turn back at least twice to see if there is any movement. There never is. At this point he leads me on down our route. Upon returning home he stops at the door so I can be detached. A drink of water and a bite of kibble and he is ready for my next trick. He bounds onto a storage cube I use for a foot stool and I give him a couple of his favorite peanut butter treats. I then brush him out as he sits there watching the television. He has me well trained. He gets the treats and the attention and I get nothing. Once completed he is ready for a nap on his bed. Just last night he turned to me and opened his mouth and smiled. I swear I heard him quote John Steinbeck from Cannery Row, " Ah once again the world is turning on greased grooves." He dismounted the cube and laid down.


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