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Basketball Wives Ep. 8 Recap

Updated on July 9, 2018

Last night's episode of Basketball Wives was crazy to say the least. From the Tami vs Evelyn beef to the ultimate Shaunie diss, this episode gave all kinds of entertainment. Because at the end of the day we were definitely entertained!

Shaunie gave an ultimate diss to Jennifer for wanting to start a rumor that would have involved her ex sleeping with her friend Evelyn. Shaunie has decided that she wants nothing to do with Jennifer. During Evelyn's charity event Shaunie left abruptly when she learned that Jen would be attending as well. So I'm not sure how much longer Jen has on BBW.

Jennifer is still trying to recover from the explosive lie she was caught in last week. She is also still bringing drama to the friendship between Kristen and Cece. But surprisingly she still has the support of her friend Evelyn even though she tried to start the rumor that Evelyn had slept with Shaunie's ex husband. I do believe her days are numbered.

Evelyn played victim the entire episode based on the outburst from Tami that Evelyn lied about her altercation with her ex Chad. Tami claims that Evelyn and Chad was both fighting each other during the altercation that took place. But during Evelyn's pity party she forgot that she also threw a low blow Tami's way. Tami suffers from diabetes and has changed her lifestyle and lost weight to control the disease. Evelyn called her cast mate a crackhead because of her weight loss due to the illness. So who really is the victim here?

Tami seems to be tired of the constant two faced relationships she's endured with these ladies since she joined the show. She also admits that she was probably wrong to bring up Evelyn's domestic violence issue. But she was clear in stating that what she said is the truth and she sticks by the claim that Evelyn lied to gain sympathy.

Cece and Kristen seem to be drifting further and further apart with the influence from outside sources..mainly Jen. Last night revealed that Kristen is more interested in making a new friendship with the "Mean Girls" Jen and Evelyn, than she is in saving her friendship with Cece.

Malaysia is trying to stay neutral between Cece and Kristen and tried to have a sit down with the two of them to fix their problems. However Kristen brought her new friend Jen to the meeting which proved to be a bad move since she is part of the problem.

And last but definitely not least Jackie seems to be staying under the radar. For once Jackie was not a part of the drama that ensued last night. She remained drama free and I'm sure she was happy about that. The next few episodes are going to be even more drama filled. It looks like our girl Malaysia is taking the boxing gloves off of the shelf to serve Jen an old fashioned butt kicking. Stay tuned!!!


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