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Hero or Dark Vigilante: The Batman

Updated on March 15, 2013

Let us think on this question for a moment, what possesses a man with a multi-billion dollar business empire and a playboy lifestyle to become the Dark Knight? I don`t believe that I would have made the same judgement call as Bruce Wayne did, is it crazy in that position to become a caped vigilante? Yes I know it is a work of fiction, can you seriously imagine any of the tycoons you see on the news or read in the financial times embracing the whole rappelling down skyscrapers.

No I thought not, I suppose Bruce Wayne has a different ingredient to the majority of us. I think I`d be happy relaxing in Wayne Manor with Alfred serving me a glass or two of a White Russian. Of course Batman is the truest and grittiest anti-hero and I have to respect his vengeful attitude. Batman does not possess any superhuman powers or mystical gifts, he is just a man dealing out justice in his own dark and tortured way. I think this makes Batman more of a hero he fights what he sees as injustice with his heart and soul. He relies on his own human abilities to get the job done, he makes his own justice at the expense of the rule of law.

Batman Begins
Batman Begins

I have another question for you, If Batman was a real person doing what he does in the comics, television series or films: How likely would it be to see thousands of lawsuits against a Mr Batman? Trial lawyers would be feasting on those kind of cases for decades. Law firms would be picking on the slightest hint of an infringement to make a quick buck! I suppose that the beauty of having a secret identity and the ability to not get caught can really help avoid "Ambulance Chasing" lawyers.

Essentially Batman is a citizen who takes the law into his own hands, the City of Gotham employs police to enforce it. I wonder what the regular police officer on the street would make of Batman's assistance or meddling. Is Commissioner Gordon negligent in not arresting Batman? Maybe- but in a city full of super villains the Gotham police will need all the help they can get. Batman willingly pits himself against the criminally insane such as the Joker, and he does this without drawing a wage from the City treasury.

I wonder how many actual offences Batman would commit in his average day? I do wonder if the Bat mobile is certified road worthy, with all that offensive weaponry he is driving a minor tank on civilian streets. As for Batman driving without a license and insurance, if he was in the United Kingdom he would be in big trouble and I am pretty sure the US police would be less than happy in real life. What about his speeding, parking wherever he wants and reckless driving( Please watch Batman Returns and Batman Begins ) granted in Batman Returns the Penguin had control of the Bat-mobile.

The big issue in real life is Batman's lack of civil liberties, Batman beats information out of the thugs and hoodlums in the darker quarters of Gotham's slum area. If a real police officer used the same methods as the Batman, then any case they brought to trial would be dismissed as unlawful. Batman leaves a trail of destruction in his quest for justice, the problem is Batman's justice is not strictly societies and if you break a lowlifes nose are you just as bad as the criminal?

Answer is No- Batman is a hero and I would not mind an individual bending the rules to clean up a city and stand determined against organised and petty crime.

Should Batman answer for his vigilante crimes?

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    • jengracehodges profile image

      Jen Hodges 5 years ago from Southeastern United States

      This is a good article discussing the heroic or villainous qualities of Batman. As for my opinion, I am not exactly sure what I think. He does save the lives of many people by taking the criminals off the streets. But he also demonstrates a not-so-good example. If he is allowed to run rampant on the streets, it also gives other people the notion that they can do the same. Other people may not be as helpful to the city.

      Overall, though, the idea of Batman really only works in fiction. Batman would be caught, or he would be a man seeking the worship of many. Most men today don't simply rush out to risk their lives for people they do not know. And if they do, it is for their own glory, typically.