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Batman: The 1943 Movie Serial Collection Review

Updated on September 22, 2008

With Dark Knight still 2 days away, I'm trying to pass the time with any Batman related media I can find (old comics, movies, fan films, etc). The other night while I was getting a few things at the store, I came across a DVD set of the original 1943 Batman serials. I was unaware of any Batman movies or tv shows that predated the campy Adam West version, so suffice to say it supised me and peaked my interest at the same time. It's shown completely in black and white and features a storyline which is humorous yet still slightly grittier and less cheesy than the Batman and Robin movie and tv show of the 60's. Bruce Wayne is slightly less flirtatous than what modern audiences are used to, yet he still fits the role of an egotistical playboy in every other aspect. The story follows the adventures of Batman (played by Lewis Wilson) and Robin (played by Douglas Croft) as they rid the streets of Gotham of gangsters and thugs. They learn of a new criminal mastermind from the east known as Dr. Tito Daka, who claims he will bring about a New World Order for his people and their noble Japanese Emperor. The mood of the time is still highly anti-Japanese due to World War II which was still in effect when these serials were released. The serials are broken into their original 15 segments, and despite their age, this DVD set is definitely worth buying. I would reccomend it for any true Batman fan.


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