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Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice Is a Fortune or a Failure?

Updated on August 16, 2017

God Vs Man, Day Vs Night, Icon Vs Icon


Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice

DC comics most anticipated movie after The Dark Knight trilogy. Till now many of you have already watched this movie once or twice (I guess). So, was Dc's new movie a great kick off for a whole new universe or was it bad. Let's figure it out in this article.

The most awaited movie came into action after 3 years of Zack Synder's last movie MOS (Man of Steel). it was finally released on 25th March 2016 worldwide. When the movie came out, it was successful in dividing people into haters and lovers = "critics and fans". This movie managed to draw a partition line between them . The critics hated BVS and the fans equally loved BVS.

There were several plot holes in the movie but the visual treat that director Zack Snyder gave to this movie, wasn't anything less. The visual effects acted like an eclipse over everything bad in the movie.

The movie continues from the aftermath of MOS(Man of Steel) and shows that even superman a being with god-like powers needs to answer for things he is doing. Superman tries to help people as much as possible but gets all overshadowed by the destruction of the metropolis and is seen as a threat by humans . Humans are not able to decide whether they should trust him or not. This leaves our Superman heartbroken even after helping without having any own personal motive getting all this hate leaves him disheartened and sad.

On the other hand, Ben Affleck's batman has received an overwhelmingly good response by many fans as well as the critics. Director Zack Synder showed that in the real world if batman will exist then he 'll need to be brutal and if he punches someone hard they can loose their life and after so much destruction is caused while fighting bad people injuries and death will be caused. In the movie, batman is old and is haunted by his past and is afraid of the present. Robin's death made him more brutal and darker than he was before and seeing the destruction caused by superman he wants to take every single chance to take superman down. This version of batman is dark old brutal and full of vengeance and he no longer cares if the bad guys get hurt in the process, all he wants that job should be done. This is one of the best onscreen batman adaptation we have got till now in the movies and people were going crazy about the Ben Affleck casting before the movie and proving all the haters wrong he is the best onscreen Bruce Wayne as well as Batman we can ever have.

Next is Wonder-woman how can we leave her after all the DC's trinity was shown in the movie taking on the doomsday which was something amazing. And the way people reacted when they first saw wonder-woman it was over the top. Wonder - woman had a small role in this movie, but she has managed to steal the show. She even brought cameos of our favourite heroes Cyborg, Flash, Aqua-man. And man I liked them.

I live in India and I have watched this movie at least 5 times and every time I watch it I like this movie more. In my country superhero, action movie is not a movie that most people go and watch, but this movie brought even adults to the theatre and the amazing thing was that whether they knew who wonder-woman is or not they were so excited when she came it was such a great moment and experiencing that moment was awesome.


Fan problems VS Critics problem (spoilers)

We all have watched this move at least once or twice till now (I guess) , many people out there hated it and many have loved it. There is no middle line you will end up either hating it or you will fall in love with the movie. The biggest example, critics and fans.

If we talk about the general audience review or fans, many have loved the movie, especially adults and teenagers like me loved the movie, but on the other hand,critics panned the movie few of the critics liked it but many have hated this movie. This even started a war between critics and fans as well as between critics also (critics vs critics). Few critics have called it a better version of MOS and some have called it a beautiful disaster, opinions of critics and audience for this movie are just like north pole and south pole if you don't believe me you can see the difference between IMDB score and Rotten tomato score.

IMDB has given this movie 7.2 i.e. around 70% to 72% have liked this movie. But just like I stated before the critics have a different opinion on Rotten tomato BvS has received 23% yes, 23% believe it or not it is true.

So why is there so much difference between the opinions about this movie, Are critics wrong or general audience or the DC fans love these characters more that they don't care what critics have to say.

To be honest, there were problems in this movie, but as you know nothing is perfect and when I was watching this movie the beginning was beautiful, but right after when Bruce Wayne runs towards the collapsing building scene ended and before the Manbat nightmare sequence I felt disconnected I felt like it was too much stretched and kind of bored me too but right when the man bat nightmare scene kicked in I was right back into the movie. After that I fully enjoyed the movie I even had my eyes out almost when I saw batman killing everyone but then it made sense even in the dark knight trilogy batman did cause a lot of destruction and we can't deny the fact that people will die if something like that happens and this was the thing I liked it. The movie showed the consequences that our heroes have to face for all the things they do. My best nightmare sequence was the para demons scene in which superman went full on injustice mode and it was one of the coolest sequences, wonder woman world war 1 pic when I saw that scene I was like omg I get goosebumps that scene got me so much excited for wonder women solo movie.

For me, this movie gave me a lot of moments as I am a hardcore DC fan it was a treat for me. I loved the movie and to be honest, I am one of those who will defend this movie, but I LL be honest with all of you too. I like marvel movies too, but the age of Ultron gave me the Ultron that I never even want to see again, I like when the battle is toe to toe and heroes are almost down on their knees and then they beat the villain this movie did that and I like it.

The movie had some issues it did feel like it has too much stuffed in it maybe because editing was not good. It felt like many things we needed to see to connect us were not there and that is the biggest issue that I have with this movie, maybe it is the only issue with this movie that I have.

This movie you can say is more for the adult audience more like starting from teens because it has less humour and darker tone, but it is not at all like it doesn't have any jokes like people are saying. There are many moments where you will laugh especially when Alfred comes in. I loved him his one liner jokes were awesome and even Lex Luthor was funny too but he was psychotic. I would say that good in this movie is greater than bad and the visual treat and dark tone it gives is amazing.

I had my problems, but many people had other problems with the movie like:

Superman ( "not their version")

Many people said that superman they saw wasn't the version they know he wasn't happy or joyful or was too serious but it worked for me because the way i see it is that when the whole world is almost against you and even if you help them without any personal motives or without thinking if you will be rewarded and still they keep on hating you I don't think you will feel happy about that i think you 'll be heartbroken too and no one can remain happy about the fact that people are seeing for what they are not and same happened with superman.

This version of superman for me worked. Henry cavil did a great job he was heartbroken,sad and almost gave up because no matter what he did humanity saw him as a threat because of which he was so much distracted that when he goes to the senator right before the interval where everything blows up and (at that moment my jaws were dropped because it was so unexpected) then he goes to Louis and talks to her and he says that" he didn't save them may be because he wasn't looking" , it completely showed that how much he was distracted by those thoughts that he didn't even used his x-ray vision or any other powers and because of which he wasn't able to save them and this shows that even with powers almost like a god he still has a heart of human.

"Movie is humourless "

Yes, many said that the movie was too dark and was humourless and after hearing this I was like seriously lex Luthor was funny psychotic even if you didn't like him but, there is Alfred how can you not laugh on Alfred one liner jokes I was laughing I know there wasn't much but still it was funny and I think lex was fine I didn't find him that great like in reeves movie or superman returns those were great Lex but this was also fine because I think I understand the craziness he had because in one scene he explains about the way his father treated him in the childhood which somehow lead to his psychotic mentality that he posses now.

"Batman" (batman kills)

Most of the people who saw the movie loved Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck yet there were who didn't like our new batman because he kills.

Batman doesn't kill yes he does not kill but even in the comics there are events where he has killed if you search you can easily find more about that and if we talk about Dark knight trilogy he says he won't kill but there is much destruction that if that movie exists in the real world death will be there and you can't deny that even Zack Synder said that in an interview about this that why he brought a killing batman he told about the video on youtube which shows almost 44 kills in dark knight trilogy movie.

And if Batman would not have an intention then why would he make just one exception of taking superman down, if he is going for him he needs to have those intentions.
Robin's death made this batman more brutal and darker and maybe this is the reason he no longer thinks if killing is an option or not.

Batman in killing joke
Batman in killing joke | Source

Was it DC's fortune or a faliure movie ?

It was not a failure due to the following reasons:

1. If you check the box of collection BvS being the second movie of a whole new comic universe and had an opening of $166 million worldwide even with 68% drop on its second weekend movie has earned more than $800 million dollars worldwide with a budget around $450 million dollars and for those people who compare with marvel movies they should know that no marvel second movie ever did business like that

2. This movie was supposed to be a set up for DC future movies and whether critics like or not they would agree with the fans that this movie was a beautiful setup and has left us wanting more of the newest and the latest adaptation of Batman by Ben Affleck and more of the Justice league.

3. It might not cross 1 billion marks, but it has given moments to die hard fans of DC and also showed something that they never thought they will see together Batman, Superman And WonderWoman (received most applause on her entry) onscreen together who would have ever thought of that ? 3 years back after the release of MOS, i know I never did.

With all of these points, I don't think in any way that it wasn't a fortune for Warner Bros. and DC comics.

Critics or Fans?

It is a movie for hardcore fans with all the easter eggs and cameos, All those dynamic scores will take you to the peak of epicness but the movie is for more adult audience teenagers due to which they will like this movie more. And this movie even gives you the joy of telling your friend (normal moviegoer) sitting right beside you that it was flash in nightmare scene that he didn't recognise and he says omg I never thought that he was flash bro you just flipped the whole movie for me lol.

If you have missed the movie in theatres I LL prefer you watch the extended version which has less editing because editing was a major problem that I LL agree with critics or anyone who hated the movie because editing was not great. So, watch it and make your own opinion and see which side of the line do you stand.

In the end, don't go with critics or fans just watch it and make your own opinion and see which side of the line do you stand.

Critics or fans

Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice : 4 Stars

Fair Box Office Fight

Ironman $585.1 million
Man OF Steel $668 million
Incredible Hulk $263.4 million
BVS $851 milllion
Marvel VS DC

Did You liked the movie ?

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Do watch BvS if u haven't watched it

If you haven't watched the movie go watch it.

Scroll Down and you will see Batman V Superman trailer.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

DC's Trinity


Which character you liked the most ?

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More Of Zack Synder ?

If you liked Batman v Superman then you should watch his other movies that are also a brilliant masterpiece like

  1. Man Of Steel
  2. 300
  3. Watchmen
  4. Legend Of the Gaurdians : The owls of Ga'Hoole


Best action sequence in the movie?

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Do you know?

  1. Justin Bieber tried to troll the people with fake batman v superman script and he received a lot of hate for that.
  2. Ben Affleck got a lot of negative hate when he was cast as batman and know people what a solo movie of Batman as batman and he is even directing it.
  3. Bill finger finally received the respect he should of got earlier in this movie
  4. Extended cut release of movie is of 3 hours and original duration of movie was 4 hrs long and what we got was 2 hr 30 min cut in theaters.

Your favourite superhero ?

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Clark Kent Vs Bruce Wayne


Do You know who is the creator of Batman with Bob Kane and his name was even added in the movie opening credit scene?

If you know do write it in comment section

Fav Batman Cast

Who Is your Fav Batman/Bruce Wayne

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