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Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice Review!

Updated on March 31, 2016

The Beginning...

Way back when during a panel at San Diego Comic Con the world was ready to be shaken for the better with the news that Warner Brothers was bringing to their Hall H panel. A few movie critics were being poised to watch closely to Warners panel the next day because it was going to be something special and groundbreaking for the world of the studio. Then the announcement came along that had fanboys and girls all over the convention running rampant with excitement of the latest news that Batman will fight Superman in a new movie! It was even such a big deal where things like the ENTIRE cast of X-Men:Days Of Future Past showed up as well and it was overshadowed by the breaking news of a Batman and Superman film being released. Many people snuck their phones during the big announcement and some people views on Youtube have garnered hundreds and thousands of views for being something that was done on the fly. The anticipation and excitement for Batman V Superman was in full effect after the release date with many more things to come.

The Making Of...

When it comes to making of big budget movies like Captain America Civil War and X-Men apocalypse going to into full shooting mode, You knew more often then not it was inevitable that people would get super secret shots of each movie and spoil some things. With news of a 200-250 million dollar budget it was very ambitious that Batman V Superman was going to be one of the biggest superhero films ever to be released. With a good amount of shooting taking place in Detroit and news that Gotham and Metropolis were going to play like the five boroughs does in New York City and be a lot closer then what has been told in the past. Once the film was wrapped on shooting then many rumors started flying around on almost a daily basis on multiple news sites and outlets reporting on the upcoming releases.

Its In The Can With Rumors To Boot!

Once BVS was wrapped and going into editing and post production then many would take news and rumors to an all time high and where we are at now some of it was true and some of it was not but all in all it was one of the most hot button topics all the way into 2016. With possible rumors of how you would see the rest of the Justice League in Cyborg,The Flash,Wonder Woman and Aquaman in some of their first time on screen roles and who Jena Malone was playing in the film as well, Is she Carrie Kelley? Is she Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle? It was one of those things that was on guests minds leading up to the release. More details then followed with executives and big wigs over at Warner Brothers being able to watch BVS right as it was finished and giving the film a standing ovation and something where at that moment they wanted to give Ben Affleck a solo Batman film to write and direct right then and there. Another juicy tidbit we got to hear was that in both trailers for Suicide Squad you get to see Batman on top of the Jokers car and the rumor was that both Affleck and Leto were signed on for 3 films in the DCEU and while one did BVS and the other was a big player in SS, They both took turns showing up in each others movies as cameos and basically melding the universe together for the better.

Dawn Of Justice Is FINALLY Released!

After about 2 and a half to 3 years of waiting the day has finally come, The thursday release of Batman V Superman was upon us and while the first critic reactions weren't on the films side it was something that was being seen all over the world and selling out theaters left and right for Thursday night showings. With a mega 2 hour and 31 minute time with it it was definitely something where fans were excited to what we could truly see in the time limit given and what this could mean for the future films in the universe like Justice League 1 and 2 and a solo Wonder Woman movie.

The Aftermath...

On sunday night after the release of BVS we saw that this film was being called as one of the most polarizing superhero movies ever made. When you thought you were getting a one of a kind experience in BVS it actually was one of the lowest rated films on Rotten Tomatoes since critics did not like the film in any way shape and form. Now it wasn't Catwoman or Batman And Robin bad, But for the anticipation this movie brought with it it truly was something that left critics feeling empty of a promise that was sure to have been made by that first trailer. Now many fans are calling for Zack Snyder to be removed from all future projects including both Justice League films and to have no input on any of the upcoming films that are done as well. Another one who received nothing but negative reviews was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and now there is reports that you wont see Eisenberg in another or future DCEU film after the reports.

Now My Take….SPOILERS!!!!!!!!

I saw this movie 3 times in the first week because I was lucky enough to see it the Monday before and while I had to get in my second viewing to sort of understand all the pieces that we put in front of me it was something where even after seeing it 3 times I still don't hate it. I enjoy the film but it was something where I felt like I watched an unfinished movie like after seeing it with a group of friends its like I told them that for situation sake you went to go buy the hot new book release at a bookstore and as soon as you turn that front cover someone runs by grabs the book and rips it in half and then hands it back to you and yells "Good luck!" as you wonder how your going to finish it. One of the biggest sequences I couldn't get over was all of the stuff involving the Senate which ultimately ended up in almost every characters death just to blame another incident on Superman. They could have totally done the scenes with Holly Hunter as June Finch differently and still make her character one audiences thought was worth watching and good for the story. By the third time I started to notice little moments where you could almost tell that once a scene finished that wasn't truly the end of the story. For example, When Perry White approaches Clark at the Daily Planet and tells Clark to cover Sports and Football over and over it was something where we never actually got to see that happen with the possibility of Victor Stone AKA Cyborg being the hotshot player on the team and Zack Snyder even got his son to be the Quarterback of the team I believe. So everything that was shot on the football field never saw the light of day. Another big surprise was after the dust had settled and the film made almost 170 million in its first week in the US and all in all made over 500 million worldwide in a week it was considered a hit that way, But to fans and critics it is one of the biggest surprises and misses to come out of comic book film history. Warner Brothers took to all things like Youtube and released a video called "Communion" that showed how Lex got picked up by the Army via a swat team but it is something where when the SWAT walks up into Zod's ship you see that Lex is shoulder deep in blood like water and the DC Character "Steppenwolf" spinning mother boxes around and speaking to Lex with the possibility that it was Lex's way to get to Darkseid and further address Darkseid as the big bad of the DCEU. While watching the film after the big fight with Doomsday and showing the trinity getting the job done against him despite the huge SHOCKER of an ending you start to wonder "What happened to Lex and how did he get caught?". WIth the idea of showing that Jail cell scene where Lex warns Batman that "The bell has already been rung" and giving an idea that a bigger threat is on the horizon which is ok because Bruce tells Diana during the last few minutes that he needs to find the other "Metahumans" that you see on the computer files about wanting to fight for a better cause and ultimately for "Justice". But after seeing that scene it was very head scratching why they took it out and how it could have bettered the story in any way possible. In the film you do get to see little moments where you think as a fan and fans love easter eggs in movies where BVS could have excelled in that and made the film better then what was given. One example is showing Bruce Wayne looking at Robins outfit with the spray painted "HAHAHAHAHAHA JOKES ON YOU BATMAN" over his chest. It became such a big topic of discussion from the trailers that its even a shirt sold at Hot Topic if your into that. But when he looks at the outfit you could have had Jared Leto do a over track of him just cackling so you know why he died and how much it still haunts Bruce to this day, Another minor part of that is that Jena Malone was completely cut out of the film all together and the idea of her being a team with Alfred and being the Oracle in the end would show why Barbara ended up in that wheelchair and take details from the Killing Joke storyline and that could be where Leto used 1 of his 3 contracted appearances in a DCEU film and show the story of that. It could have also brought another dynamic to the film as to why she chose to help Bruce at the old and seasoned age Affleck plays him in and where she gets involved in the films story. I know at times a little detail can just mean nothing at all but under Jared Letos snap chat he took a picture of him in a big hat and it was his reflection from the sun and the caption was just "HA" so I mean even Leto could have been teasing the way he knows his fans would get it and it was something that didnt even make the theatrical cut of the movie. Some of the biggest things that people harp on this movie about is how you see this great fight between Batman and Superman that many were looking forward to seeing and while a lot of fans were curious as to how they would come together and be friends after fighting was to be seen but the choice they made that Bruce and Clark happen to have the same mother was one that is left to dismay because it is known as a "weak out" to people who saw it. Now I try to break this movie apart on things like that but when you look into what made Batman who he is to this day and its the murder of his mother and father and how much he cared about her. Along with Clark, It shows throughout that there is 2 people he will drop everything for and its Lois and his mother who raised him to be the man he was today so I get why writer Chris Terrio chose that as the catalyst to them joining as when Bruce hears him say "Martha" he flashes back to how Batman was born and knows he doesn't want to give someone even if its an enemy the same type of pain he lived with all of his life. One of the biggest highlights of this movie was the score of the film because Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL were great at making the music connect and really put you in the movie. Two of the biggest standouts were Lex Luthor's theme that sound evil and larger then life and something that could totally be Lex's. The other was the almost amazing riff that comes with Wonder Womans theme. That song could be used for next to everything whether you are working out or taking out the trash, That song is definite win. All in all to top this off the film definitely had its issues and was something that in no way shape and form is a "perfect film" when it comes to that title I give it to films that stand the test of time like Shawshank,Godfather and Saving Private Ryan. Even The Force Awakens isn't considered a perfect movie for me so when it comes to that title I am not cavalier about giving it out. With the news of a 3 hour "Directors Cut" coming on the Blu Ray release with a release date even coming during the films release(July 19th) it sort of goes to show why I gave that metaphor back in the beginning of this section because we could totally rip on this movie and call it a mistake and I have even heard rumblings that people want to just hit the reset button ALREADY and we wont see a Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman movie and recast and try again. When it comes to the actuality of it after we see the full 3 hours on the Blu ray then we can fully judge this movie as misstep or not. One last thing I am going to go over is THAT ending…If you ever question Zack Snyder as a director who plays it safe and is something that will be discussed for many years to come, It is VERY possible now that nobody will ever say that again for how he chose to end BVS. I noticed the second time around that Christopher Nolan produced this film and I know your thinking "Wait Dark Knight Trilogy Nolan??" Yes that Nolan and with the major decision made and ending last shot of the film, you do see his helping hand in it since the film showed people wanting to basically have nothing to do with Superman as a hero and savior and having Clark have to "Go away" much like Bale did in The Dark Knight the only difference this time around is many think that Superman is truly dead. The other Nolanism is when you see the top of Clarks casket you see the dirt rise before he shoots up into the sky much like Leonardo Dicaprio's top spinning like in Inception. So while they aren't shot for shot occurrences it is something that is VERY reminiscent of Nolan's top films he has ever done.

The Future….

Now that BVS has been released and while it is something that is under fire for now, We can look towards the future of what the DCEU has to bring! Just think in 5 months we will get to see Suicide Squad as much as humanely possible with a brand new Joker and another first having the first live action Harley Quinn in Squad coming from Margot Robbie. With that second trailer showing just how great and set up a trailer can be, Over the span of a month this film became one of the most anticipated of 2016 and could possibly become DC's most beloved film to date. Now down the road there has been reports of Justice League Part 1 starting production as early as April 11th(Yes that soon) making it something that can be done and in the can well before the 2017 release date. A few other big teases we have seen were short shots for the Wonder Woman solo film showing that it takes place in 1918 during World War 1 and something that can be a different take on a superhero film. Down the road we will see Green Lantern corps and Aquaman doing his own film from Horror master James Wan handling the directing(Think of the creepy monsters we are going to see!!) and hopefully we will get a solo Batman film covering the rumors of it being the "Death Of The Family" or "Red Hood" story lines could come out before Justice League Part 2 is released showing that you can be excited for both brands of superhero films as well with both machines running at full speed and showing no signs of stopping.

In Closing….

If I were asked by someone to see BVS again I would whole heartedly see it again and enjoy it the same way I did the past 3 viewings. When it comes to this film its something where fans loved Ben Affleck as Batman and even enjoyed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman which was something of a bigger gamble. But when it all comes down to what BVS needed to do to move along the universe of DC the film did its job and then some. Whether it was needing a good introduction to Wonder Woman so we can find out more about her in her solo movie or what it could mean given Snyder decided to use "The Death Of Superman" as the closing when the ending showed he was still going to make it. Its something where we have a universe now where heroes and villains alike will be moving right along and its quite possible after we get a Justice League movie we could even have a Ben Affleck written and directed solo Batman film…Who would have thought that was possible right???

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