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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - A Murky, Incomprehensible Mess

Updated on June 29, 2016

Batman v Superman Movie Review

It took several decades to get Batman and Superman on the same screen together, and the end result is a baffling train wreck over two and a half hours long by people who seem to have no idea why either character ever became popular in the first place. It's so bizarre you'd swear this movie was made by Martians, but instead by humans like director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer who should know better.

BvS follows the aftermath of Man of Steel as Superman faces the consequences of his battle with General Zod. It turns out Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) was in the midst of all that destruction and vows to bring him down while a certain Amazonian princess has background information on other super-powered vigilantes running around and is aware of the machinations of the insane Lex Luthor Jr., played by a profoundly miscast Jesse Eisenberg. Beyond that there's a plot about a senate hearing regarding Superman's actions across the globe, Luthor trying to make Batman fight Superman to the death for some reason, and Superman coming to terms with himself as a superhero.

The movie doubles down on everything people have grown tired of in the superhero genre: setting up sequels before they've even delivered one solid storyline, too much crammed into one film, and being grim and joyless because the makers took the wrong lessons from The Dark Knight. Never before has there been a movie so devoid of enjoyment. BvS is seething, brooding, and joyless. Batman is fueled by so much misplaced anger that he regularly kills bad guys instead of taking them in, and has no intention of letting Superman live. Meanwhile, Superman is stoic and brooding, he's not a symbol of hope and goodwill towards humanity, instead he's an unknowable entity with scary, god-like powers.

Not that there isn't mild enjoyment to be had with the witless destruction and superhero punch-ups towards the end, but in a genre that's as overcrowded as comic book adaptations are, it's not nearly enough to justify the money and hype that have been thrown behind this project. It's a slap-dash film with DNA traces of a proper Batman versus Superman film should have been. Instead, it's The Man of Steel 2, Ben Affleck's Batman, and a Justice League trailer all rolled into one.


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