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Batman vs Superman doesn't disappoint

Updated on March 26, 2016

Batman, superman, movie review, superhero movie, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams

My summary: Batman saw how many people died from the fight between Superman and Zod in Man of Steel and now he believes this man has to be stopped. He goes out of his way to find out how to kill him and discovers where he could find Kryptonite. Lex Luthor, son of the real Lex Luther, is planning his own way to kill Superman by exploiting Batman's fears through making traps for Superman. It all builds up to the final battle between Batman and Superman then both of them and Wonder Woman against Doomsday. Wow that's a lot isn't it?

My Good: The greatest part of this movie is the fact that it thoroughly entertains and presents new insightful themes to ponder. The pacing is meant to build up to the final battle despite some slow moments here or there. I could honestly say the buildup was incredible and I was on the edge of my seat by the time the final battle came. The best performance I believe came from Ben Affleck, hands down! My fear for Affleck was that he resembled too much of a young frat guy who never grew up. I see him too much as a lady's man and the emo from Daredevil. I just couldn't see him take on the role of the Caped Crusader. But here he manages to convey the age-old paranoid crime fighter who after 20 years has let the job cause him to become more brutal in his pursuit of vigilante justice. By the way the Batsuit looks awesome and much better than Christopher Nolan's in the Dark Knight trilogy. He looks menacing with it on and even the battle armor. He still can move all parts of his body too. Not to mention the voice actually works considering it's still Affleck's voice but just tuned up to sound deeper. It kind of sounds like the alien from Men in Black before he kills the man and takes his skin. Anyway Affleck is able to take this character into different areas than we originally seen Batman do before. Where as the Dark Knight Batman shows a morally conflicted character who realizes the consequences of living without any regards to the law yet you know will do the right thing despite what needs to happen, this Batman you actually see starts to become more and more psychotic and ruthless in his quest to exterminate his enemies. Even Alfred (played well by Jeremy Irons) tells him Superman is not his enemy but Batman just responds that he can't be sure and if he ever wanted to he could destroy this planet so Batman feels the need to destroy him before that could ever happen. Affleck presents the conflicted, damaged, worn out superhero who is struggling to see right from wrong after years of fighting crime. He uses his charisma to his advantage as Bruce Wayne and makes him look like a guy who honestly thinks he is above the law. This kind of Batman interest me because spending most of your life-fighting crime without having to answer to anyone sounds like it could corrupt anyone. Another great aspect to this movie was the themes that it touches upon. The world is concerned about what Superman stands for after allowing thousands of people to die. I think it's always been obvious that Superman is supposed to represent a Jesus figure; a messiah sent to Earth to save the humans who people feared and loved. The citizens are divided on him because of what he can do considering he doesn't have to answer to anyone. It plays into the theme of "absolute power corrupts absolutely" which is a fear Batman has about Superman. Superman faces the dilemma of feeling like he doesn't belong in a society that hates and fears him. They want to ensure he is on their side but they don't know how to do it. The last thing is the final battle between Batman and Superman along with Doomsday at the end. Zack Snyder always knew how to direct spectacular visuals and suspenseful action but enough light for you to see it happen. The fight moves and dialogue spoken match each other so perfectly and never drags on. You feel every blow they put down and the emotions are so strong because you know exactly what they are fighting for. When Wonder Woman comes in by the end, despite the fact her character has limited screen time, she nearly steals the show at the end. This actress brings the character to life and I can't wait to see her in the Wonder Woman movie soon. Seeing all these amazing characters together going up against Doomsday is a dream come true for many DC fans. One might say it's a little rushed but for what I saw, it had the payoff.

The Bad: The biggest problem with the film is there is way too much going on in terms of plot, characters, and storyline. I kind of suspected this would be a problem from the trailers since you had Batman and Superman's story, Lex Luthor devising his own evil plan, the citizens verses Superman dilemma, Doomsday making an appearance at the end and Wonder Woman coming to the rescue as well. That's too many things to take care of. But to understand why they had to do this we need to understand why the movie was so important to the DC world. This movie was supposed to pave the way for more DC superhero movies to be made. They needed this movie to have a jumping off point for these characters and others like it to have a future stand alone films for themselves. It's almost like what The Avengers did and why it was such a big hit. You then had more Iron Man movies, Captain America movies, and many others. It's like a professor giving you an essay to write on your favorite topic but then they give you guidelines to meet so what do you do; write the essay you wanted to write or fulfill the guidelines to get your A? So as I was saying there are many subplots in this movie and some don't even go anywhere. The citizens verses Superman doesn't go very far and neither does this subplot with Lex convincing the one guy, who lost his legs during the Superman vs Zodd battle, to speak on behalf of why Superman is a false god. My personal problems I have is how they under utilize Wonder Woman in this movie considering how impressively portrayed it was by Gal Gadot. Her role in the film reminds me of Cat Woman from the Dark Knight rises due to how she starts out as a theif then eventually joins the good guys in the end. My other problem I have mixed feelings about is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther. He clearly isn't playing the Lex Luthor rather his son who reminds me more of the Riddler or Joker. He is psychotic in his quest to kill superman and anything that gets in his way. He acts like the socially awkward spoiled rich kid who knows history and enjoys other's misery. There are times where I bought his performance and some of his lines but other times I thought he was playing it too over the top. It might be the director's fault but either way it goes back and forth on good and bad. He does have an elaborate genius plan though on how to kill Superman by using Batman. The small problems have to do with certain times where characters stop to make pretentious monologues that you as an audience don't need to be force fed because you could just tell from the character's actions and facial expressions. I also think Lois Lane is for the most part just there to be there. She helps a little but she never makes a strong impact other than being Superman's love interest.

Verdict: Badass

Basically don't believe the critics and what they are saying. I read the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes before going to see it and I could honestly say they were too harsh. This movie is a million times better than Man of Steel and I loved most of it. Yes there is a lot going on but you never lose track of what you came here to see; why Batman wants to kill Superman while building up to the epic battle. It was well worth it in the end and if you just go see it for a great time you won't be disappointed. It offers powerful themes to think about and provides exactly what you'll need to nourish your love for action and superhero movies. I highly recommend seeing it.


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