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Battle of the Pitch Men: Jared Fogle vs Bill Cosby

Updated on August 21, 2015

Cosby is Behind in the Battle of the Headlines

Well, here goes my writing career. Although i have a history of addressing the elephant in the room, I'm nervous. Why? Because, I really like both (Jared Fogle and Bill Cosby) as pitch men icons. And some of the things that are alleged are very touchy subject matters.

But, I am a writer of a different kind and each of them inspired me in their own way. Cosby inspired me because he was funny, gifted, and black. Fogle inspired me because he was frugal, genius, and white. Both pitch men are educated, business minded and American. On screen each of these men were American heroes and pitch men spin-off icons.

In the Cosby Corner

However, when the Cosby story broke in the news, I felt so bad for Cosby, not because of the alleged allegations of rape. It was the media and public perception of another "Brotha" going down in shame. It was the cultural perception of the another "Brotha" who could not keep his pants zipped up. Oh! please, come on! you know that was a closed door discussion of the day. In fact, I heard, daily, many talking heads say " Cosby had to use pills to get women."

Seriously, even I could NOT believe the number of women the came forward. For me, what took the cake was when Model Beverly Johnson came forward. I said to myself, this is another Clearance Thomas and Anita Hill debacle. But, I must admit that I was MOST shocked at the angry response coming from the black comics and the black public, The divide made me feel the O, J. Simpson backlash all over again. The opinions from both sub-cultures were split on if he (Cosby) committed the rapes or not.

My man Cosby really was in bad shape in the headlines when Glory Allred jumped in the ring as referee. I am not a woman, but Gloria has a way with getting "ALL" women emotionally charged up when the situation involves a women rights male violator. She will some men change their view on a case,"if" you will give her your undivided attention. Keep fighting Gloria, it's your legacy.

Then, in the Cosby corners there is the adversarial press. Whether Cosby committed the crimes are not "the media was and still is harsh." with Cosby. He was painted as the most despicable Father figure on television ever. And I'm not sure what the TV Dad thing got to do with rape?

But, the tables or should I say the cameras have turned to Jared Fogle. This is the Heavyweight Pitch man fight of the year. Which Pitch man should be the vilified in the press. Both men duped the public and shamed their families. The media has to make a choice and I cannot wait to see the media fight card.

In the Fogle Corner

What can I say about Jared, Sorry I must use his first name, because,if you say his last name (Fogle) people will say, who is that? But if you say Jared aka "The Subway Guy" they can stop giving you their opinion.

Oh my God! Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed such straight-laced, up-from the-straps pitch man do such a thing. What is the news media going to do with this one. He is white, rich, and married. Please, do not get mad, I am not trying to play the race card. I just know the American mindset. We have come a long way. However, Americans look at the nightly news and subconsciously, attach ethnic certain reported behaviors with certain cultures.

The thing that makes Cosby not look so bad is that "HE" said, "I am guilty! He is admits to...with kids. Please, I cannot even make my fingers write the things he said he did. Listen, this is Jared. I love Jared! He was, in my view an american hero. Now, there appears to be a woman that is direct involve with the case. Oh my God! Here comes Gloria Alred. Instead of spending time in the Federal lock-up, with Gloria "seeking" to get involved he may be shipped to a Texas to spend his time in a general population facility.

Sadly, Jared family is now in shambles. His has made a public statement that she is joining the same country club that Tiger Wood's wife is a member of "the Out-of-there" Club. Then most disappointing is the SHAME of being a Wholesome male figure. Listen, I loved this guy, but he did the crime against CHILDREN.

So, Who is the worst?

Let me say from the top, this article is not going to pre-judge neither of these once beloved pitch men. I am only attempting to compare and contrast media new reporting in America. Most importantly, it would not be morally fair to judge these men before the have had their just day in court.

Although, it it only my opinion, Jared is ahead on this heavyweight headline battle card. Here are some of the reasons why he is ahead on my card;

  • Jared did it to children.
  • Cosby did it to young adults.
  • Jared said, "I did it.".
  • Cosby said "let the courts prove I did it."
  • Jared got busted with proven allegations.
  • Cosby got busted with decades old UN-proven allegations.
  • Jared's wife is a member of the " I'm out-of-there" Club.
  • Cosby wife is a member of the "I'm hanging in there" Club.

You make the call. Each one these American heroes let us down, proven or not proven. We just expect wholesome "pitch men" to be wholesome upstanding members of society. The world really need to believe in somebody. Perhaps, no one expects perfection, but, we do demand decency.

In closing, Cosby do whatever you have do prove your case. Then move completely out of the spotlight and take care of the wife. Jared, may God be with you. You say you will do the time. After that go and get some help.

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