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Batty Miss Bat: Why she is my Favourite Character from The Worst Witch

Updated on November 23, 2013

Miss Davina Bat

Miss Bat is the chanting teacher at Cackle's Academy. She adds a comedy element to the TV series of The Worst Witch, that wouldn't necessarily be present otherwise. Miss Bat is featured in the TV series more than the book, probably for some technical reasons as well as the comedy. In the book, only Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom are major teacher characters. TV is more visual than books all the action is conveyed visually through character action and dialogue and there isn't so much oppurtunity for comedy with sensible Miss Cackle and serious Miss Hardbroom. You'd also expect to see more than 2 teachers, especially in the staff room scenes when the focus is not on Mildred Hubble.

Miss Davina Bat
Miss Davina Bat

Miss Bat is very sensitive and goes into the school cupboard when someone upsets her (which is frequently Miss Hardbroom). I like the fact that she is sensitive, and can empathize with it. I know what it's like to be sensitive and have less sensitive people upset you, because they don't seem to anticipate the effect of their words.

She is a more tradional witch than the other teachers (and the students). She can make tradional witch snacks, like barbecued bat's wings and spider's eggs on toast, that the other teachers do not share her liking for, preferring crumpets and other normal foods. However, her tradional witch knowledge comes in handy when Mildred and co. have to recreate a drink for a class assignment and with Miss Bat's help, recreate it using flowers. (No one else would have thought of that!)

Although she is more like what you might imagine a witch to be like, she seems to be a bit of an odd one one out among the other characters, who are more like normal people with magical powers and the ability to make potions.

Best Moments of Miss Bat

  • Miss Bat does Mongolian undertone chanting which involves her sitting in the lotus position and saying something about rucksacks and flip flops, then singing a very high note which smashes a vase. She then levitates a few feet off the ground. Miss Hardbroom comes in and says "I thought we were being attacked by Agatha." (Miss Cackle's evil twin sister).
  • She says to Miss Cackle, "I thought the girls were moved by my Mongolian undertone chanting." Miss Cackle says "the whole school was, we lost another half a dozen tiles off the roof."
  • Miss Drill: "Where have you been?"

Miss Bat: "In a Mongolia."

Miss Drill: "Don't you mean Outer Mongolia? There's no such place as in a Mongolia."

Miss Bat: "Well, if there's an Outer Mongolia, there must be an inner Mongolia."

I like her logic!

  • Miss Bat labels everything in the classroom, including herself.
  • Miss Bat bursts out of the store cupboard singing 'summer nights' from Grease.

Mongolian Undertone Chanting by Miss Bat

Video clip from The Worst Witch

 It's upside down day at Cackle's Academy, and Fenella Feverfew and Griselda Blackwood are giving the teachers a test on making an "anti-gunge" potion.

Miss Bat: "Constance and Amelia are cheating!"


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    • pen_addict profile image


      8 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      I LOVE the worst witch!!!!!!!!

      Ms.Bat is my fav charactor too!!!!

      But Miss Hardbroom is a good actor and I live the scary face she puts on.


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