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Bayley: Resurrecting a Hero

Updated on March 12, 2020

Bayley pic


Bayley: Resurrecting A Hero

Handing brock Lesnar or Brett Hart a microphone is like handing a live grenade to a terrorist; it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. I bring this p because up because I want to talk about Bayley. The WWE has been burying Bayley ever since her blunder on RAW Talk. The girl blanked; she was never known to be a great promo. Bayley’s appeal here is this wholesome girl that loves wrestling and is a role model for little girls everywhere. She’s by no means ugly, but looking at her ring attire, she’s a little more conservative in her dress.

Not only is she wholesome, but in that ring, she is a tremendous in-ring performer. She seems to have been on a bit of a losing streak. The last RAW I had viewed was the May 28th edition. Its main event was a gauntlet match. Bayley made quick work of the first two members of the Riot Squad, but the unproven and inferior Ruby Riot defeated Bayley. She kept defeating everyone until finally being defeated by Sasha Banks. Sasha and Bayley were the most deserving two, so I was glad at least Sasha won.

A big grievance a lot of people have today is their superstars’ ability to cut promos on the spot, without a script. It made it worse when Bayley froze; two men that probably popped out of their mamas talking Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho came out and told Bayley to get lost. If I had to write for Bayley, I would tell the announcers to hype up the fact that she does her talking in the ring. Yes, the blown segment was awkward to watch, but to me, it reiterates Bayley’s sweetness.

You have an opportunity to create your ultimate babyface in Bayley. Bayley is not the kind of girl that cakes her face with makeup. WWE is a cosmetic business. You look at girls like Alexa Bliss, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, and Carmella; you know these girls were not hired for their wrestling ability. McMahon gives them all the same Mean Girls syndrome. This is characterized by snarky, bitchy women that think they’re hot; they patronize those around them for not being like them.

Bayley is a lot like a horror movie final girl. She is a lot more resilient than her peers, but her peers write her off due to her insecurities. If you’re going to have the Mean Girls syndrome, play off of Bayley’s insecurities. She does not seem to have hate for anyone. Killers like Asuka, Rousey, Ember Moon, and Sarah Logan could all look at Bayley as easy pickings. She could get beat down like a dog and make that tremendous comeback because she’s that good!


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