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Cherish You're Mind.

Updated on September 20, 2015

We are so much more than what we can imagine. How much music have you heard? How many movies have you seen? We are information collectors.

Do you know how much knowledge you have in you're mind ? The complicated human brain can process constant ideas in complex ways. The human mind can design, or create maps, or paths too origins in a multitude of ways.

Do you realize how much knowledge it takes simply to stand up , and to keep you're balance? How much knowledge and skill and nerve messages are required for you to transfer a thought from you're brain to a pen, and to a piece of paper. Imagine how you're nerves have to be in a perfectly synchronized manner for you to be capable of moving a pencil in the direction you want it to be placed.

We never give ourselves enough credit for what we really know , or can do. Can you sing? Of course you can. If you practice enough you would probably be able to sing very well.

What is talent? It is something everyone has . Some people enjoy being automobile mechanics. My father-in-law was able to take apart a transmission , or a car engine, and put them back together like toys. He loved working with cars. When he was two years old he probably played with mechanical things. As an adult he fixed cars for people for free. Friends would go to his house to get free mechanic work. He liked helping people ,and he loved repairing car engines.

From films we learn how to work with our personalities . Sometimes we become inspired by people ,and by films. We learn from television, and from films.

Computers are wonderful tools we enjoy, but remember that we made them. Everything technologically fantastic are items we made.

When you learn to enjoy you're mind you can be creative. You're mind is a well spring of abundant knowledge stored with thoughts ready to distributed in incremental , bits, pieces, and portions. Before you know it, you have baked a Boston Creme Pie, or built you're favorite bird house .

We all have our moods. If I am in a good mood ,and feel rested then my mind is in a phase where I feel like using my imagination. I may sit down with my computer ,and create endless pages of ideas. If you really want to do it you could write a book in a few weeks

You can write in different ways. We do not always please our readers , but most of the time we do. I do care if I am a good writer . If I have something to say I will say it.

Writing is a wonderful hobby. Self expression is good for you're well being.

When you write you can create drafts. Sometimes I may, or may not create one. Writing is a joy ,like painting. If you desire to be a great painter you can be one. If you wish to be a great writer you can be one because you're smart enough to know that whatever you write will be of the quality you desire.

For some folks, stuff comes natural. I had a friend with a photographic memory who was a medical doctor. He had the gift of a great memory.

Sometimes I feel like I am smart, and sometimes I feel like I'm a real knuckle head. However I always remember that I can usually write better that I do.

I guess the point I am getting at is, try not to let anyone change you into feeling you're a failure because you are not one.

Anything you desire to be good at can become better. To be a good baseball player you have to play a lot of baseball.

If you have something to say , say it. Describe it the best way you can . Some folks say that outlines are helpful .

I enjoy humor. I like to say funny things. When you think about it, our moods determine a lot of our behavior, and how well we function. There is no such thing as failure, only a lack of desire.


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