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Be fun as a job

Updated on April 27, 2010

Some weeks ago, inspired by a lot of humour websites and some totally weird ideas I decided to make a humour blog, with some comics, gags, photoshop manipulations, these kind of things. I choosed a name, registered the domain, made the illustration for the header, but didn't begun it really.

I'm really concerned in have a good quantity of articles, daily or even less, so I thought: Man, it's like to have the compromisse to be's so hard. I know, just think this way sounds funny but I'm really worried about.

 There's a lot of blogs and websites of humour, I was wondering: those guys has no bad days? They laugh when step over a dog poop ? Maybe I should racionate ideas, just keep some for use in a bad day? Or I could try drink some alcohol, some guys are really fun drunk, but some get violent...better think in another thing, coming back for the drafts.


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    • Raf Domingos profile image

      Raf Domingos 7 years ago from São Paulo, Brazil

      Yeah, I'm illustrator and designer, but I really like to write about a lot of things and discuss with people, I'm new here but seems to be a good place for it.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      wow, that sounds like interesting job. i have to admit, i too am trying to break into being an online writer, but it's very hard to generate income right away. i just hope im not wasting my time or anything. hopefully, we'll both be successful though.